Thursday, 28 August 2014

Be beautiful in your own way

Beauty is not only about looking good but looking attractive too. Everyone is beautiful in their own way but only few are attractive. An attractive personality means pleasant personality which makes a person beautiful automatically. If a person is feeling good from inside he/she will look good from outside, it just comes on face. If you want to look good, you have to maintain yourself. I am quite conscious about my skin. I do not believe in putting extra amount of makeup and using other cosmetic products to hide your dark circles ,acne, dark patches etc on the skin.Your life style decides how you would look.
My beauty secrets are...
Always adopt a healthy life style to reduce stress. Never skip breakfast as you will end up gaining weight in a wrong way. It is a myth that skipping meals can reduce weight. You just have to eat in smart way.
Include fibrous food in your breakfast and lunch. Start your day with having oats, fruits or salad. It is healthy as well as delicious.
Avoid junk food daily. There are many healthy food which are as good as junk food, even better than them. Protein and vitamin essential for our body. Intake of pulses,eggs and green vegetables give you healthy and strong hair, glowing skin and make you strong.
Calcium is a very important nutrient especially for woman. Never forget to take one glass of milk daily. A strong and healthy woman is the symbol of beauty and confidence.
I love eating fruits. Whenever i get hungry, i prefer fruits and milk shake. It tastes well and makes me strong.
 Now a days cooking is not a rocket science,Anyone can cook. There are many healthy dishes recipes available online. We can easily try those dishes at home.

What beauty means to me?
According to me a strong,healthy and smart woman is the most beautiful. Being beautiful not only about having good face but also a good heart, a good brain and a good intellect. one should posses right proportion of beauty,brain and heart. is my favorite beauty website. It not only gives skin,health and makeup tips but also tell us about maintaining a healthy life style. I can get all the information about my health and skin at one place. It is no less than a friend. The beauty tips are simple and worth knowing for everyone.

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