Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Being Beautiful

Looking beautiful is the right of every woman and its not only about putting makeup but it is being the best possible version of yourself from inside and outside. I am a girl who believes in  natural beauty. I believe if someone is happy from inside, it automatically makes a person beautiful. Eyes, weight, skin and hair are my important concerns. So today i am going to share my beauty secrets with you all for..

Eyes- Our eyes are the most sensitive and important part of our face. It is said that the beauty of woman must be seen in her eyes.We should take a good care of our eyes. Anyone can get gorgeous and attractive eyes.I always wash my eyes with cold water. Apply right amount of makeup and never use local products for eyes. I always prefer branded products.when it comes to selecting a good eye liner, Oriflame is the best. Wear sunglasses of a branded company to protect your eyes from the sun.

Weight- Just like any other girl, i am conscious about my weight. I don't want size zero but want to be in shape. It makes me more confident and i can try any dress.The best feeling is when a five years old dress still fits you but getting a good body is not an easy task. Although i want to look slim but I must confess i am not a exercise freak. I prefer eating food rich in fibre. Fruits like apple and orange are my favourite. I always include salads in my lunch and dinner. Taking a good night sleep and getting up early in the morning can keep your weight in control. Drinking honey water early in the morning also helps in loosing weight.

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Skin-I never compromise with my skin products. To get a beautiful and glowing skin you have to be tension free and look good from inside. Taking a lot of stress can be clearly seen on your face, no matter  what amount of make up you apply. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Cut the intake of junk food. Drink plenty of water and use beauty prouducts less in chemicals. Normally I use body wash by Oriflame and Fiama and body cream of Oriflame which makes my skin smooth and soft  . Always carry a sunscreen lotion with you whenever you are going out of your house.

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Hair- Hair is the most important asset for a woman.I have a long and curly hair. Earlier i was tired of the tangles but with time i have learnt  many tips to make my hair manageable and stronger. I don't like to go out of the house with oily hair. I have a busy schedule and i hardly get any time to take a proper  care of my hair. Proper oiling of hair is very important if you want to get  strong and shiny hair. I prefer coconut and almond oil  which i put overnight and next day wash it. The best shampoo for my hair is Treseme which i recently received by winning a contest. Applying curd  also makes my hair soft.

beautyglimpse has helped me a lot by enlightening me with the best beauty tips. The reviews of different people  on the website makes my job easy of choosing the best beauty product for me. The home remedies and  expert beauty advice section is my favourite. It has become so easy for me to get all the useful tips at one place.  

I believe that the real  beauty is not only having a beautiful face but also a beautiful mind, beautiful heart and beautiful personality.If the personality of the person is attractive and likable, it automatically makes the person the most beautiful person on the earth.According to me people who are intellectual and is of modern outlook and positive thinking are the best in the world   So my dear ladies Be Beautiful, Be confident and live a stress free life!!!

This post is a part of the real beauty blogger contest. 

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