Thursday, 21 August 2014

My home is my life!

Home is where your heart is. A home is the only place where you feel secured and protected. As our family members, the place where we live also becomes an essential part of our life. Our home is no less than any family member. We have our own memories with every walls and every rooms and so do I. I love my home very much. I have spent more than 25 years in this place and I have beautiful memories and special attachment with my home. My room is the place which defines me.It is filled with colors, books, photo frames, soft toys and all other things which are close to my heart.

I am a person who loves to decorate my house and fill it will colors. Whenever I go out shopping, i always buy something for my house.If get a chance to Re-do my home, I would definitely opt for Retro style. Although Retro style depicts Old-fashioned style but it is evergreen. The best thing about it is the colors. The beautiful wallpapers which we can hardly seen in the Indian houses. I would prefer to buy wallpaper for the living room, kitchen and the bathroom. My grandmother is an artist, I have many beautiful paintings made by her. Her paintings adds to the beauty of our home. The paintings would look good at the wallpaper rather than plain wall.

I have always dreamed of having a small cozy study room. It is the dream of every writer. I want to have a mini library. The floor of the room should be wooden. I have a thing for wooden floors. It makes me go crazy. A small bed cum sofa with colourful cushions.
There is a small cute thing which i found on and i.e a Marwar stores Embroided Bajot.  I would definitely get one for each room. Its vibrant colour and comfortable cushion will give a cool look to my every room.

My mother loves to collect decoration pieces. We have many such pieces of brass, crystal, ceramic, glass and etc. We make sure that every sundays, mom and i decorate each and every room of our house. I always check the internet and look for ideas to give a different look. We are very well organized and we do not like things scattered all around. It makes me uncomfortable when things are not in its place. Your home depicts the personality of you.
 Another most important place is the bathroom. It is said that the bathroom is the place where you clean the temple of your soul and that is your body. It should not be ignored and always be clean. I remember as a kid i was scared of bath tubs. I thought i would get drown into it but as i grew up , it fascinated me a lot. I love my bathroom to look presentable too.Obsession 4PC  Bathroom set AGUA 2865/S4-55BK looks sophisticated and would make my bathroom look beautiful. It would definitely go into my shopping bag. 
I believe that a house without trees and plants is lifeless. No matter how big or small your house is, if you have a small garden, it is no less than place. The favourite part of my house is my garden. Whenever i feel negative or sad, i stand there with a cup of coffee or a book and all my worries just vanishes off. It is a healing therapy. It gives me positive vibes. To enjoy the beauty of nature i would love to buy a  Marwar stores news paper style coffee table bench.  It is graceful and perfectly get along with the nature.
I really can't wait to decorate my house in Retro style. Thanks to for making my home beautiful. It is the website where i can find all the things at one place and that too at reasonable prices.

My home is my life and i would do anything to make it beautiful...Cheers!

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