Friday, 29 August 2014

One message for you!

If i ever get a chance to send message in a bottle,i would definitely pray and wish to get it delivered to my soulmate...My love!!

 You are the only one for me, your are very precious to me.You are always in my thoughts and prayers.No one can take your special place from me. I have loved you ever since i have started understanding love.Hold my hand and take me to the world of love where I would see all the angels blessing us to be together and forever. You are my soul, my heart..Till the time i am alive,no one could ever separate you from me.Life will be blissful when you will be with me, i will experience the happiness of life with you. Life will be beautiful when you and me will become WE.Love is nothing without you.You complete me and my life. I pray to God to send you in my life and it will be as beautiful as the first dewdrop on a flower.I am not sure whether you would come or not into my life and i would be lucky enough to see you beside me but i am sure about my thoughts and dreams that I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU and pray where ever you go, you always find all the happiness of the world because you deserve it. I am sending my dreams and heart to you and hope you understand what you are for me . I pray to God to listen to my prayer of love and send you to me.  

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