Saturday, 18 October 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home

Children are the future of our nation. Every nation depends on the future generation to some extent. A child who is healthy and active can prove to be the asset for the country. A healthy child not only makes a happy home but also a happy nation.  Being a teacher I encounter with many students of different age groups. I believe every child is a gift from God and deserves a healthy and happy life. Childhood are the best days of life and a child who is healthy and active can enjoy his/her most beautiful days of his/her life.  As I said I deal with different children, I have seen that some of the students lack concentration and energy.  Some of them face the problem of understanding the teachings and activities done in class. As a result they feel demoralized and their confidence gets shattered. This is the major concern for all the parents. Some of the parents are worried about the lackadaisical behavior of their child. I have heard many complaints from the parents that their ward does not eat well and not bright in studies. Some of them get tired easily while playing any outdoor games or sports.

To find the solution of this major problem, we invited a well known pediatrician at our school.  Every parent with their child and teachers were asked to attend the meeting.  The pediatrician suggested many useful methods to make a child healthy and active. Here are some of the suggestions given by the pediatrician:

·         Proper intake of nutritious food is the key to have a healthy life. Every child should take two glasses of milk daily which helps in making their bones stronger. Including green vegetables and salads rich in Vitamins in meals would sharpen the memory and would increase the blood circulation.

·          A child can remain active and healthy with regular exercise and  some amount of outdoor activity like brisk walking/ running/jogging/ sports. It  will make the child’s mind fresh. He would feel more energetic and will also be able to give time to his/her studies.

·         Growing a child in a peaceful environment plays a great role in maintaining the health of a child. If a child grows up in a tensed atmosphere, he would get distracted and this would put his/her morale down.  It would hamper the positivity of the child.

·         Giving the child some useful nutrients like calcium tablets and Dabur Chyawanprash which helps in fighting germs. The herbs like Ambla, Ashwagandha, bala, Guduchi etc helps in fighting harmful germs like virus and bacteria and helps to keep the child healthy and active.

After the discussion, we followed the suggestions given by the pediatrician and the results were amazing. The parents who were worried about their children are now happy to see their performance in class and home.  The children who are healthy and active are also doing well in studies and in other extracurricular activities. 

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