Saturday, 11 October 2014

Are we really educated???

Indian education system is developing with time,Once there was highest number of illiterates residing within the country, the number has been subsequent fall in the statistics. There are some states in India where there is hundred percent literacy which is quite remarkable. It is a great pleasure for our eyes to see India is progressing and our education system is getting stronger day by day. After all said and done one question which comes to my mind is that, "Are we really educated?" 
Well...yes...Indian government is making a great effort for the development of education system and people are becoming more and more educated and well qualified by obtaining higher degree in their hands but what about educating our inner soul,behavior, principles, ethics, thinking and mannerism. Here most of the people still lack education. There is a huge difference between becoming an educated person and becoming a well educated person. As people are striving to become educated, without bothering to be well educated.
A well educated person is one who not only gets his/her proper education done but also is aware of his social, legal ,ethical,moral  duties and responsibilities. An education is of no use when someone has a narrow thinking towards the society. As time progresses, the thought process of people also changes. We have to adapt to the changing environment and live with an open mind and heart.  

1.Being well educated means following all the law and order and not inclining towards any anti social and illegal activities. One should be courageous enough to stand up for truth and justice. It is treating our country as our home and all the best efforts should be made at individual level for the development of the country. 

2. Being well educated is treating everyone equally and respecting everyone's feelings and view point. A well educated person would not make any discrimination and be biased whether in work place or out side the work place. He treats everyone fairly and never get manipulated by others.  

3. A well educated person has a positive outlook towards his life. He creates a life which look good from inside by intoxicating all the negative thoughts and fill life with postivity and happiness no matter what the situation is.

4.He knows the value of woman and would not tolerate any injustice and anti social activity towards the woman, He would never hesitate to help a woman and think it as his moral duty.Be it a father, Husband, brother or friend etc he would never let a woman down and always there to protect her. A well educated person never have a male chauvinist attitude and would encourage the woman to come forward and be independent. He would never act as an hurdle on the path of her and would always respect her.

5.  People who are well educated is blessed with proper mannerism and etiquette. He should be aware of the surrounding in which he lives in.  A selfish and self centered person can never be well educated. A polite attitude and having the attitude of gratitude is essential. He should take care of his words and actions. A person having lackadaisical attitude is considered of no good. 

One must posses at least the above qualities to be educated in proper terms. However there are many people in the country who are educated but not well educated as they hardly posses any of the above points which sadly make them the educated illiterates.

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