Thursday, 16 October 2014

Beyond boundaries-Blogging beyond boundaries


I am writing on the topic 
  • "How has technology and blogging helped people explore and meet new people beyond boundaries and learn new things in the process."
The rapid development in technology and increase in globalization is playing a great role in the development of the world. In today's world everything has become more convenient for us. We can  access everything sitting at home. people can work in a more efficient and effective way. Technological development has helped in development of the economy  of many countries. It has not only helped in spreading knowledge but has introduced ourselves to many social media platforms such as blogging, social networking sites which connect people easily from different parts of the world.  Blogging and technology has helped us in many ways and it is also growing at a very fast pace.  It has a great potential to generate foreign exchange earnings, high quality employment and also contribute to the productivity of rest of the employment.
I remember a decade back I was totally new to computers 

but now I am a specialist. Technology has changed my life 

too. One of the greatest gifts it has given to me is the 

platform to write and express myself and that platform is 

known as Blogging.

I started blogging a year back. My blog was my personal diary, that time I didn’t discover the talent of writing within me. I was unaware of the fact that I could also write but as I started submitting my posts , it increased my confidence in writing, I discover the hidden talent of writer within me.  With each posts I would get comment and suggestions which improved my writing skills,  The blog members were very helpful and their honest suggestions and feedback gave me a reorganization in the field of writing. Blogging sites like Blogadda has played a huge role in encouraging the upcoming talents.  Technology as well as blogging has many advantages in collaboration of the group of people. It has connected people from all over the world and one can expand his network easily. It has boosted up my confidence in writing. Blogadda is doing a great job to connect the bloggers from all over the world, this would strengthen our bonding more. Technology with its great treasures like blogging is a boon for every nation.
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