Friday, 31 October 2014

Book Review: HER STORY

About the book

Strong women are steady pillars to development of the society and they should work for their bright future. Women will strengthen themselves when they will work. There is no gender inequality at workplace and this holds true only when women work and stand brave for their rights. Development of individual leads to the development of society and women play crucial role in it. 

"Her Story" is the story of woman from different walks of life and covers  all spheres of a women’s life. This anthology carries brilliant collection of stories about a women's life. The stories relate to their workspace, their home, out on the street and cover almost every aspect that touches women's life. This anthology is an eye opener, which will help the reader to understand women better, what she desires, what she wants to be, what she should have been and what restricted her from becoming what she wanted to be. 

About the Editor

Neelam Saxena Chandra is an engineer by profession. She works as a senior level officer with Indian Railways. Writing poetry and fiction are her passion. More than six hundred of her stories/poems have been published in various leading Indian as well as international magazines/journals/anthologies. She has published fourteen books including two novels, one novella, one short story collection, six poetry collections and four collections of childrens' stories. She has won several awards including an award in a poetry contest by American Embassy, Premchand award by Ministry of Railways, Rabindranath Tagore international poetry award, Freedom award by Radio city for her lyrics.

My review

Her story is the collection of some thought provoking episodes in a  woman’s life. An anthology published by Petals Publishers,each story describes the emotions of woman in detail leaving the reader spellbound. The stories which are selected nationwide through a short story competition by 20 different authors defines the psychology of woman. The stories contain emotions, drama, romance and everything which requires making a book interesting.  The book is kalidoscope of emotions of different woman belonging to different sectors of the society. The team has done a great job in promoting woman empowerment through this wonderful piece of literature. The stories are very nicely composed. Each story has its own charm and uniqueness which will engage the reader till the end. The book is fast paced and the narrations are lucid. The stories are an eye opener for the male dominated society where woman are considered  inferior. While some of the stories gave me goosebumps, some of them were light hearted.

Starting with the first five stories of Neelam Saxena Chandra, a well known author and poet from the literary world.  
The first story which I read was  A Daunting Journey Indeed describes how Priyanka encountered and overcame her harrowing experience in office.The character of Priyanka is awesomely portrayed by the author.

We shall overcome someday is another story about a girl who stood against the male chauvinist society. The emotions of the girl are very aptly penned down.

The Feeble voice tells the story of a woman and how she didn't let her household chores affect her work.The story is well written and gives a very strong message to the society that one can not cage a woman any longer in the confines of her home.

The Solitude of Life's Eve. The story is about the responsibilities of a single mother who despite being ill how she manages the livelihood of her children.  It is brilliantly written and has made a deep impact.

The chain of love is another great creation from the author.

The Beginning by Vivek  Banerjee is a sweet story and very well written. It narrates the mindset of a doctor and the whirlpool of thoughts she has before attempting her first surgery. The words are rightly chosen and the character of Sonali Chatterjee has been portrayed very well. 

Rochak Bhatnagar’s One Big Mistake is beautifully narrated and interesting enough to make me read the story in one go.

Bhavya Kaushik and Shruti Fatehpuria’s The Eternal Middle is a masterpiece.  The story very well goes with the title and I loved the story thoroughly especially the climax.

Is anybody listening by Ruchhita Kazaria deals with the every day problems a woman faces at her work place.  The story is close to the real world. I loved the poem though and its ending.

Hand that Rocks the Cradle by Paulami Duttagupta is another story which throws  light on the common issues of household activity. The writer did an incredible job by describing the innermost feeling of a woman. 

Megha Sumant Sharma’s Parallel world is one of my favourite stories. The author has narrated each incident in detail which has made it an interesting read.
P.S. The poem in the end would definitely grab every reader's attention. 

Predators by Renuka Vishwanathan touched my heart. I would suggest every woman to read the story. A must read story! 

Rafaa Dalvi’s Endgame is a wonderful read. The words are rightly chosen and the whole plot is very interesting.

Arundhati by Ayan pal. I have read his other stories and each story has its uniqueness and a beautiful meaning, this story was no different from his other literary pieces. The story reveals the mindset of the people around us towards woman. A very well written story.

What by Subhasis Das  is another heartwarming story written on the life of a maid. The story is very well scripted and would definitely touch everyone's soul.

Khushi Gupta’s A Letter to the world is one such story which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The narration is very good and the story has strong emotional intensity.

Barren Oasis by  Smriti Mahale. I love reading these kind of tales. The imagination and writing skills of the author is appreciable.

 Trigonometry of Codes  by Snigdha Gharami. It is one of the most practical stories i have ever read. I would love to read more stories by the author.

Her Mistake by Surbhi Thukral is a light hearted read, though I love Swati's character. The emotions and thoughts were nicely expressed. 

Let her die by Priyanshu Saxena. The story starts off on a dramatic note. The narration and consistency of the story is excellent. The author has perfectly portrayed the scene at the court room. It was like watching a movie.

Beyond the Shallow Realm by Warishree Pant is an interesting and entertaining story to read. I was truly touched by the character of Ayesha.

 Amrit Sinha's Au Revoir hooked me up till the end. The narration is fluent and the simplicity made me finish the story in one go.

Griha Lakshmi by Nehali Lalwani and Siddhartha Yadav throws light on the burning topic of gender discrimination. It offers some real life situations and is a remarkable tale. I would definitely love to read the story again.

Ruchi Chopra's Her Story- The title story is flawless. The author had amazingly weaved the phrases and poems. The poem RESPECT is brilliantly written and ended the book in a wonderful manner.

In the end I would say that the book has come up with a fresh topic. However number of stories had  similar theme, while some of them had a unique concept and were absolutely engrossing. The stories give a wonderful message to the readers. They are fast paced and entertaining. I recommend everyone to read the book. It is different from the usual love stories.  My rating for the book is 3.75/5 

Publisher : Petals Publishers
Pages : 272
Price : 195 INR

You can buy the book online at infibeam and amazon
Happy Reading!


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