Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Crisis Angel

Childhood is said to be the best phase of our lives. There are no responsibilities and we hardly have any idea about the struggles and hardships of real life. My childhood was the same. Only thing that bothered me that time was completing my homework and preparing for exams. I have had all the comforts of my life. Words like social responsibility, struggles, crises were complete stranger to me. As i grew up a little more and promoted to sixth standard. I started recognizing these words slowly. When I would see the helpless and poor people lying helplessly, somewhere it stabbed my heart. Everyday my maid servant would narrate the problems of water and food. I could not find out the root cause of these problems. It was one week left for my summer vacations and like everyone i was also excited, my class teacher distributed many forms we tried to gaze at the forms with inquisitive eyes, then she explained the forms were sent by a very well known NGO which help the poor  destitute and needy people and we were asked to help the NGO by collecting money. I decided to give my full efforts in raising the money for this noble institution and I managed to collect the satisfactory amount but there was something within me which was still not satisfied, a question was bothering me that what I am doing to help my nation. I still remember I could not sleep the whole night, next morning I decided to do something for others. As a student and too a teenager I didn't had any money nor sufficient knowledge and guts to run the country but whatever knowledge I had, I decided to share with those children who are deprived of it. I asked my maid servant to send her children to me so that i can bestow some amount of knowledge and education to them at primary level as she could not afford the school fee for them. I would enjoy the joy of giving something to others and they would enjoy the joy of educating themselves. This went for years and those two children would love to study, they had a aim now, a motivation to do something in life. As my maid servant's  financial condition improved she admitted her children in a government school. I am sure they must have done well and now have become what they wanted.
I believe God is within everyone, every human, every animal, every insect. He comes in the form of an angel in the body of someone.  As a student of economics I have learnt about the main problems a developing country faces. The statistics of the people living below poverty line, the loss of an economy are sometimes very disappointing but with that I discovered many social institutions like Help age India, CRY etc who work selflessly for the well being of others.
One such great social institution I know is GOONJ .

About the organization

Goonj is a social organization which provides one of the basic needs to the poor, needy and victimized people and that is the basic need of clothing. This organization has been working for a decade and has grown up as a mass movement among the urban as well as rural sectors, providing cloths to the needy people instead of wasting and throwing away.Goonj encourages everyone to become the part of the organization irrespective of income, educational and social background. The organization started its work by entering into an village field by providing clothes but now they have spread their work and also plays a great role in health improvement, employment and income generation.


The idea of Goonj is followed by many other NGOs which is quite remarkable. It has made a huge impact on other organizations. The mindset of people are changing now a days. They donate clothes to this organization rather than throwing away in garbage. The objective of the organization is to spread awareness about the concept at the level so that anytime an urban household thinks of disposing off reusable material, it should have a channel to reach to the most needy.  
Hence the organization is popular known as THE CLOTHING MAN.

Reach 2013
Some of the initiatives taken by Goonj are mentioned below
Goonj has extended his hand in helping the cyclone and flood affected people in Odisha. The organization has been working actively in the flood affected areas. They have reached out to the remote places in Odisha and have set up many centers and conducted many meetings, campaign and workshops.Over 35 trucks were loaded with lots of material to help the victimized people.

Uttrakhand Flood 2013
Thousands of people collected material and sent it to Goonj. Many branches in different states of India attended thousands of calls and mails and handled truck loads of material.

Jammu and Kashmir flood -2014
Goonj has channelised thousands of blankets so far and now in line with its disaster relief and rehabilitation strategy of involving local resources, Goonj is getting a large quantity of beddings made there itself to ensure local employment and income generation. 

In the midst of holidays and festival season, Goonj sustained its large scale relief operations in various states . 14 big trucks of relief material including dry ration, medicines, utensils, sanitary napkins, blankets, woolens and other essentials have been dispatched to J&K, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Bihar and West Bengal from its various centers. Along with these, 6 trucks were sent from Hyderabad,Bangalore and Mumbai offices to Delhi for further dispatches.

An empowering piece of cloth

“A visit to Goonj's 'My Pad' manufacturing facility in Delhi is an eye-opener. Women working there carefully disinfect, wash, cut and iron out old cotton to make pads that are then placed in cotton bags along with an undergarment. Talking to them makes me realise how different society would be if the taboos around menstruation were to disappear.”

However the initiatives taken by Goonj are endless. 

How can you contribute:

You can do material, financial and online contribution.It has many branches and centers in different part of the country where one can go and make donation which can save the life of many people. 
 To know more about Goonj visit

I consider Goonj as  'crises angel '. The organization is no less than God to many people. 

There are many organizations like Goonj which are working to provide a healthy and safe life to neddy people. One such organization is VOICE
VOICE which stands for Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies. It is a network representing 82 European non governmental organisations (NGOs) active in humanitarian aid worldwide. Unlike its members, VOICE is not operational. When flood wrecked havoc in Jammu and Kashmir hundreds of people came forward to help, Among these selfless volunteers was the team from VOICE.
We need more such people and institutions like GOONJ and VOICE which work selflessly to help the needy. 
This disaster day come forward and be a 'Crises Angel ', your one act of kindness can save many innocent lives and give better life to others.
To know more about the organization visit   and extend a helping hand. Be an angel in someone's life, do something for others. The best happiness in the world is to see someone smiling and you are the reason behind it. It is convenient to give suggestions but takes a lot of courage to implement such great ideas. Hats off to these noble institutions.
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