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Indianizing world

India, A country with the total population of over 1.22 billion of people who are diversified into different religion, states, casts, culture which makes India the second most populous country in the world. Each state of India has its own culture and traditions which is unique and incomparable with the other states of the country. With increase in globalization and trade relations with the other countries,the culture, habits and customs are adapted by many foreign nations. Though India is a developing nation,it has got many treasures which attract many foreign citizens. India being a secular country is widely diversified into different communities, culture and different languages spoken etc.
Indian culture and traditions has made a deep impact on other countries. The vastness and the distinctive quality of India is making the world more Indianized.

 The history of India
India is considered as a mother of history. It is the dawn of the Indus Valley civilization which brought many ecological changes. The civilization mainly engaged in art and crafts. The Indus valley civilization was followed by many rulers like Gupta dynasty, Aryan tribes and many Mughal emperors, who ruled India for many decades  resulting in abundance of  wealth and population.India was ruled by Britishers for ages and they established many British colonies in many parts of India. A lot of British architecture can be seen here which were developed by many Britishers when they ruled India. India is a birth place of many religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism. Each religion practices its own customs and traditions.Many great Freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh etc took birth in this holy land. The great role they played for the independence of the country is commandable .The sacrifices made by these freedom fighters had set an example for many other nations. The biographies of these freedom fighters are read by numerous people all over the world.They take inspirations from the life of these freedom fighters. Each year people from all parts of the world visit Andaman Islands to see the cellular Jail where these freedom fighters were imprisoned and tortured till death. The sound and light show depicts the journey of these prisoners which is very heart touching. 

Indian Mythology 
Hindu mythology is highly rich and can not be overlooked. It is a wide range of diversified culture and traditions narrated by people belonging to different sects, schools and regions. Most of the Hindu mythology is engraved in Sanskrit. Hindu mythology defines fourteen worlds, seven higher world and seven lower worlds. All the worlds excluding earth are considered as a temporary places to stay.Many great epics like Mahabharata, Ramanya, Bhagwat Gita, Veds are the part of hindu mythology.Hindu Gods and Goddesses are not only preached within India, they are also worshiped by large number of  foreign nationals. Iskon is a temple of many foreigners. A large number of foreign priests and devotees can be found who worship Radha- Krishan following the Indian customs. Here most of the people could converse well in Hindi(our national language). 
Buddha lived in eastern part of India, his teachings and principles are followed world wide. Many Buddhist status and monuments can be seen in the countries like Malaysia, Singapore etc.

Indian art,architecture, sculptures,handicraft and literature. 
Indians have a great inclination towards the dance, music, paintings, poetry and other form of arts. Beautiful art forms can also be seen in the caves of Ajanta and Alora and Mohinjo Daro statutes. They depict the essence of Indian culture. There are varied styles of dances and musics in India varying from region to region. Dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali are very popular in the southern parts of India whereas Punjab is famous for its lively Bhangra Dance and Bengal is famous for its Jhau dance.Many literary legends like Rabindra Nath Tagore from Kolkata has gifted the world with his wonderful creations of poetry and songs. Our national Anthem Jana Gana Mana was written by him which has touched the soul of many Indians as well as non Indians. Western people are huge fan of many  Indian legends who exhaled themselves in the field of art and creativity. The vibrant and colorful attire wore at the time of performance also attract the crowd from different parts of the world.The handicraft industry in India is very unique and colorful. It generates a great revenues when people from abroad come to shop all the traditional hand made stuffs like embroidery work, traditional decorative pots and candles,fine statues of marble,which is rarely found in their countries. Indian outfit like Salwar Kameez, Sarees and Lehenga add grace to every woman who wear this, be it Indian woman or a woman from the other nations. The Henna(Mehendi) designs which is popular in India is described in the Hindu vedic cultural book is famous all over the world but the art of making the design is not easy and practiced in India. It is much more appealing and painless than tatoos which is famous in the western parts of the world. 

Indian martial arts, Yoga and Indian medicine
Many Indian martial arts like archery and stick fighting is being practiced in India since ages.It is an asset for India. Indian method of meditation and exercise known as Yoga is quite popular and practiced by many Indians as well as non- Indians. Yoga is a deep form of meditation for  attaining  spirituality and for keeping the mind, body and soul healthy and intoxicated. Indian medicine also known as Ayurveda is a hindu traditional medicine. It is used for curing a disease naturally. It does not contain any artificial ingredient and all the products are herbal and chemical free. Patanjali is an institution which is specialized in producing Aurvedic products which are 100% chemical free. Many foreigners in order to attain salvation and free themselves from disease with the help of natural ingredients visit India and continue to stay here for years. 

India is blessed with many tourists attractions. From old monuments to huge malls and shopping centers, from beautiful oceans to magnificent mountains of Himalaya, from eccentric rivers to the vast desert of Rajasthan, one can find any kind of pleasure at any place. A large number of tourists visit here from different countries to see these historic monuments like Taj Mahal which is listed in the seven wonders of the world. Each monument has a story behind it which is very interesting and motivating.The famous Golden temple in Amritsar and scenic Kerala and Port Blair is a treat for the eyes of many tourists. With the increase in conectivity of Indian transportation system, it has become an easy process to travel from part of the country to another. 

A large number of festivals are celebrated in India as compared to other countries. Being culturally diversified and an integrated country,indians celebrate each festivals with proper rituals and customs. When it comes to celebrations, India is no less than other countries. Festivals like Diwali, Dushera, Holi etc are celebrated with great joy. It not only celebrates hindu festivals but festivals like Christmas, Eid etc are also celebrated in a vast scale and with eminence joy and pleasure. The Indian  festivals celebrated not only within the country but also out side the countries by people belonging to different communities, religion etc. The Indian festivals are universal and vibrant which is enjoyed by many foreigners. 

Indian Cuisines
Indian cuisines are loved all over the world. India is famous for its spices. No country in the world produces the vast varieties of spices as India.  There are wide variety of dishes found in India. It is said that one would be tired of trying the Indian food, but it would not end. The main thing which attracts every foreign citizens is trying Indian dishes. With its favorable geographical conditions, India has come up with wide variety of food. Each food, crops is famous in each state. For example Rice is famous in west Bengal, Wheat is famous in Punjab. The love for food has made India a lively country. people from other countries are a huge fan of Indian cooking. For example- David Rocco always tries to find the similarities between Indian and Italian cooking. There is a great chef present at every house of India. India is famous for its spices, they prefer food which is spicy,sweet and sour which is not so common with the other citizens. They especially visit India to try these delicious cuisines. A large number of Indian restaurants have been opened in many foreign countries which generate large profit because of its mouth watering delicious meals they serve. The first Indian restaurant was opened in America and today there are about 80,000 Indian restaurants in America. Certainly Indian food is conquering the hearts of million foodies all over the world.

The Indian film Industry captures the main attraction of many tourists. Many bollywood movies and songs are famous in many foreign countries. The action, drama, emotions and ofcourse the songs can take anyone's breath away. One falls in love with this glamourous Industry. The wax statues of famous Indian celebrities like Sharukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan can be seen in the famous Madame Tassuad Musuem. The Indian cinema also plays a great role in influencing the life of many people. Many famous films have been recommended for Oscar awards. Film like Slum dog Millionaire won the Oscar award.   

Famous Indian personalities
There are many great legends born in India who not only made an impact within the country but also have made a great difference in the world in the field of dance/music, politics,  drama, science, sports, corporate sector, literature and many more. India is blessed with many famous personalities like Amartya Sen,Mahatma Gandhi, Kishor Kumar, pt. jawahar Lal Nehru, Sachin Tendulkar, Rabindra Nath tagore, Satyajit Ray and the list is endless. They have contributed a lot in their respective field to make India a supreme nation in the entire world.

India's high moral values, rich culture and traditions are making the world more Indianized. The love and affection Indians share and the way they welcome the guests warm heartdly  have stolen millions of hearts of Foreign citizens resulting into an Indianizing world. 

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