Saturday, 18 October 2014

My best diwali moments

Diwali is known as the Festival of Lights. It is the most awaited festival which is celebrated all over India. It is one of my favorite festivals. The lights, colors and happiness all around bring positivity and a smile on my face. Every year I start preparing in advance for this pious festival.  Being a creative person I love decorating candles, making rangoli etc. It excites me more when I see what my family and friends are doing to make the festival special. One of the greatest things which I like about this festival is exchanging gifts and sweets. I just wait with aspiration what would I get from my workplace.

This year was no different; I decided to purchase all the merchandise in advance so that I would get enough time to decorate my house. I thought of making candles and lamps.  Last weekend I went out for shopping, I could see huge rush at the market place as was expected as everyone must have had the same plan like me.Shops were filled with customers and it was impossible to step inside. After struggling for around twenty minutes I decided to give up and thought of doing my shopping on weekdays when it would be less crowded.

While coming back, I was stuck in a massive traffic jam. I had no option but wait inside the car and wait for the traffic to get clear. While I was looking around, a young  pre teenage girl came with  bunch of roses and persuaded me to buy some. First I decided to ignore her but what she said touched my heart, “Please buy one rose for just Five rupees, I want to buy a lamp for my small brother who has not seen Diwali ever since he was born. Your Five rupees would bring light to our small home.”
I could not stop myself from buying the roses. This incident made me realize that the best way to celebrate the festival of lights by helping in lighting someone else’s home who cannot afford to on their own.  I also decided to donate the money which I had saved for the decoration to an orphanage home to bring some light into their lives.

Next incident which I want to share is that, last Diwali when I was searching for a good shop to buy some candles, my friend suggest me a place where I could find some amazing and unique candles and lamps. I went to the place with my friend and I was so amazed to see the art and creativity that I decided to appreciate the owner of the shop, to my astonishment , I came to know that all the candles and lamps were made my handicapped people , some of whom were blind. I was told the amount would go for the welfare of those people. Their creation brought tears to my eyes and I brought some of their beautiful creations to my home. As I lit up the candles my whole house filled with light as if wish from them have filled my life with luminescence

So this Diwali light up someone’s life. It will be the brightest Diwali you would have ever celebrated! 

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