Friday, 28 November 2014

Ab Montu Bolega Campaign- Raise your Voice!

About Montu

He is a selfless citizen who is worried about the development of the nation. He has the courage to speak his heart out and can go to any level for the development of the nation. He is the fearless youth of the nation.
About the Campaign

As the global leader in consumer health and hygiene, RB (formerly called Reckitt Benckiser), has launched a new campaign on Strepsils #AbMontuBolega. As the world’s leading sore throat medicine, Strepsils is encouraging people to speak their mind without any inhibitions. The brand has signed film actor Saqib Saleem of “Mere Dad Ki Maruti” and “Hawaa Hawaai” fame as the face of the campaign.
The campaign  encourages people to raise their voice against any injustice and anti social activities. The campaigns is looking for innovative solution for the development of the country. The main protagonist of the campaign is Montu, played by Saqib Saleem, is a youth of the nation and the boy next door who has courage to express himself on various occasions in front of his family, friends and colleagues. The campaign tells us about his journey and his encounter with many unique and   interesting situations in his life where Strepsils provides him with a healthy voice and courage to speak up on issues which matter the most to the youth today.

The aim of the campaign

The purpose of the campaign is to motivate people to speak on various issues of the society and to be fearless for the giving a happy and healthier life to the citizens of India. The main aim of the campaign is to build the trust of the citizens and telling them that sitting quietly will do no good to the nation. It teaches the citizen to be responsible and take active part in eradicating the anti social activities.

We should not forget that the changes begin at individual level and it is high time we should raise our voice against any mal practices of the society. Our country is our home and we should make all the efforts to keep our home clean, healthy and happy.
We are taught in our schools that how we can help in the progress and development of the nation. Our teachers tell us simple steps and if every individual follow those simple steps, our country would definitely be one of the most developed nation.
The campaign is designed and wants people to raise voice for the issues like woman empowerment, spreading cleanliness, woman safety, corruption etc.

The campaign has suggested some of the causes for which we should speak up:

1.  Speak up - when you see someone littering
2. Speak up - when you see someone smoking in public
3. Speak up – against all kinds of sexual abuse
4. Speak up – against child labor
5. Speak up – against corruption
6. Speak up – when you see someone disobeying the traffic rules
7. Speak up – when you see female fetuses being killed
8. Speak up – when you see someone still asking for a dowry
9. Speak up – when you see trees being cut down
10. Speak up – when an animal is being abused
11. Speak up – against domestic violence, irrespective of the gender of the person being exploited
12. Speak up – on social taboos like menstruation, sex, superstitious rituals and so on
13. Speak up – against anyone disrespecting homesexuality
14. Speak up – against inequalities based on gender.
15. Speak up – against complexion obsession.

We need to be broadminded and fearless. We should never hesitate to stand up for the right cause and raise our voices against anti social practices.
This campaign is a part of Strepsils.
Strepsils is the No.1 medicated sore throat lozenge of India. It gives long-lasting relief & enables you to express fully by giving a clear & healthy voice.

  To know more about the campaign visit 

I have taken pledge to keep the country clean.In our schools we are taught to keep our country clean. Our teachers suggest simple steps to make the country clean and green but I never knew that following those easy steps is a very difficult task for some people or maybe they are not bothered about keeping the country clean.
We often forget that our country is our home and it is our responsibility to keep our home clean but are we really doing so? A clean and healthy country is a sign of a developing or developed nation. India is gifted with many natural treasures.  Unfortunately, we are not taking proper care of it. The intermixing of harmful containments with the natural resources is destructing our natural treasures. We are destroying the planet in which we live in.
People throwing their garbage on the road, practice of open defecation, polluting the river and sea are some of the major causes of the pollution.
There are serious environmental issues in India. Pollution of natural resources, air and water pollution are the serious concerns. The harmful smoke from vehicles like Auto and trucks pollutes the air. Apart from the pollution from vehicles, there are many chemical factories which not only pollute the air but also pollute the river and sea.
According to the report, Average pollution levels, depending on the pollutant, are 50 per cent to eight times higher on the road than urban background readings, including official ambient air pollution measures.
It is very disappointing when people for their selfish needs harm the public property.  Such people need to be trained and fined so that they do not repeat the same mistake again.
One of the major problems is open defecation. It is the serious problem which is not only affecting the environment but also defaming the country. A survey shows that around 597 people defecate in public which increases the risk of microbial contamination of water. There is a need to build public toilets which would solve the problem to some extent. Building of toilets will provide safety and comfort; it would also maintain the privacy of the public.
Our rivers, which we consider sacred, are becoming poisonous. We are only responsible for toxicating the river by throwing wastes and garbage, harmful chemicals from the factories.
Promotion of communities participation in the river clean up is necessary.
Organizing various workshops and educating people would also help in eradicating the problem. The towns and cities should also have facilities to clean the sewage effluent. All towns and cities must have Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) that clean up the
sewage. Farmers should give up chemicals and pesticides in farming and should instead adopt organic methods of farming thus reducing chemical pollution of rivers. We should stop our religious practices that pollute riverwater.
If not all, let us pick at least one issue and work towards it!
This post is written for #AbMontuBolega by indiblogger


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