Friday, 21 November 2014

Beautiful memories of childhood

Childhood days are the best memories of my life. I remember dancing on the tunes of nursery rhymes and reciting poems and telling stories. I had a huge collection of poetry and story books. I always used to take along those books wherever I go and used to flaunt it. Listening to stories and watching cartoon were one of the best entertainments we had in those days.
I am sharing my favourite childhood poem and a story. I have some beautiful memories attached with it which I remember till now.

I loved the story of Little Red Riding Hood. When I was studying in UKG, our school celebrated annual function. My teacher recommended my name to perform on this song along with other songs. I remember this song because it was my first performance on the stage and I was very nervous. I made many good friends while doing the rehearsal of this rhyme. The best thing about the song is that my teacher wanted me to play a lead role which made me more confident. She asked my parents to buy a red dress for me. As a girl, I was very fond of doing makeup and red colours. Few days before the annual day, I went for shopping and got myself a red dress and matching pair of shoes. 
Finally the day came and I performed very well. Everyone appreciated my performance and adored me. I was the happiest girl on earth.I am grown up now but I still love to listen to the stories and whenever I listen to the story it reminds me of my school days.
The second most memorable moment of my life is associated with the story of Goldilocks and three bears. 
The story gives a very useful message that slow and steady wins the race. As a child the story left a huge impact on my mind. There was a Fancy dress competition and I was given the character of GoldiLocks because of my curly hair. I wore a golden dress and my aunt bought me matching hair pins which I have till now. I performed with enthusiasm and everyone clapped and cheered to my performance. I won the first prize. My mother bought me a teddy bear which had become my best friend and I still adore the teddy bear. The performance and the people gave me the feeling of a princess. since then I developed my fashion sense and I love to dress like a princess.  These poems and stories had taught me so much in life in a colourful and interesting way which will never forget. If given a chance I would love to relive those moments. 
There are many beautiful and cherishable memories associated with the wonderful stories and poems.  I still have the cassettes of the nursery rhymes. These are my little treasures of childhood.
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