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Book Review- Chronicles of Urban Nomads

The chronicles of Urban Nomads is a compilation of riveting short stories selected through a nationwide hunt by Readomania. These have been conceptualized by some very talented authors from the literary world. The title itself is eye catching and raises the curiosity of the reader to go beyond the cover page. The fast paced stories are divided into two segments- Imagine and Musings. The stories in both the genres do full justice to their respective categories.
The first section Imagine contains stories narrated by inanimate objects which itself is a unique feature of the book. The stories in the section of Musings are also equally engrossing. The outcome leaves the reader gasping for breath by the time he reaches the end of the book.

Section I: Imagine

Confession of a Benarasi Sari by Ayan Pal
Looking at the world from the eyes of an aristocratic Benarasi Sari is itself a fantastic piece of imagination. The author’s ability to put life into the bewitching Sari and attach feelings to it, hold the reader’s rapt attention. The story has been woven by brilliant jugglery  of words which keeps the readers absorbed.

The Blue Slippers by Krithi Jayakumar
The author through the eyes of a camera transforms reader to a world where the camera is a device with feelings and memories of its own. The narration touches the reader’s heart by vividly explaining the events. The victimization of innocence by the hatred in a society has been portrayed very effectively.

The Wait by Ashay Abbhi
It is very difficult to make out initially who the narrator is but as one progress through the story, the realization of who the narrator is absolutely fascinating. The story gives a strong message about a person’s resolve to take head on all odds that he encounters in different phases of his life.

My Soulmate by Janneker Lawrence
The story revolves around Kumar, narrated by his soul mate. The graphical description of each event in the life of Kumar has been brilliantly portrayed. The author has managed to maintain the suspense of the narrator till the end. The quest to know the narrator keeps the reader glued till the very last page.

 The Masterpiece by Rounak Nayak
The story is structured in a chronological form and weaves around the happenings in the life of Ayan. The story has a dramatic ending and dwells on the reader’s emotions. It’s another booster in the book.

A Vicious Battle by Aravind Sampath
The story revolves around one person’s events told by two narrators. The description of the events is well portrayed and the reader eagerly awaits to know how the story will end. The title very well goes with the narration.

An Engagement Ring by Purnima Verma
The story is based on the vulnerability of human relationship. It once again goes to prove how fragile is the hold of humans over their destiny. The narrating style succeeds in touching your heart. Overall a nice read.
A Little Nugget of Fear by Deepti Menon
The story establishes that regressive nature of woman in family continues to nurture the negative aspects of the society and does not allow it to overcome it’s orthodox practices. The writing style of the author is fast paced and brings out the trepidation woman face throughout their life on being born as a woman.

EFIL by Bhaswar Mukherjee
It is one of the finest stories I have ever read. It narrates the resolve of a person to prove himself despite many improbabilities. The story establishes the fact that the choice of success or failure is something which is first decided in the mind of a person before his actions. It is evident that the author is a seasoned writer and has the ability to keep his readers spellbound. The title of the story remains a  suspense till the very end and on realizing who the narrator is, throws the reader off rail.

Section II: Musings

The Last Letter by Dipankar Mukherjee
The story describes the frustration, agony and helplessness of a father who is unable to reach out a helping hand to his child. The sentiments of the author are straight from the heart which kindles the reader’s emotions. The narrating style is simple yet captivating. The words are apt and beautifully chosen which connects every reader with the author.

The Face on the Canvas by Pradeep Moitra
It is a light hearted story, spun around the time a girl spent with a stranger. The suspense in the story holds the reader’s attention till the very end. The narrating style is simple and helps in visualizing the events of a night.

Arranged Marriage by Japneet Boyal
The story brings into focus a new angle on blossoming of love between a couple. Even an adverse situation can bring about realization of love, is a concept which one has come across for the first time. The narrating style is engaging and leaves you that much wiser by the time you finish the story.

Bachelor and Baby by Jagdish Nadanalli
The story depicts the true friendship between two individuals which transcendent age, background and narrow perceptions of the society. The emotional intensity of the story has touched a chord in my heart. The writing style is lucid and one looks forward to reading stories based on similar concepts.

Hopes and Promises by Rahul Biswas
I find the title goes very well with the narration of the story. The story began in an interesting manner but down the line it seems to loose track. However the author tactfully manages to finish the story by tying the loose ends. A good read!

 A Shackled Destiny by Sharavya Gunipudi
The portrayal of maternal love and the emotions attached to it has been beautifully conveyed to the readers. The narration compels the reader to experience the heart wrenching agony of a mother who has lost her child. The writing style is such that it generates anxiety in the reader to know how the story will end.

Rendezvous by  Shloka Shankar
The story weaves around common issues between couples which crop up all the time. The skill of the author lies in framing it in an attractive format which holds the reader’s attention. The story ended in a predictable manner.

Hide and Seek by Niranjan Navalgund
Many relations blossom in this virtual world of internet which fructify subsequently. The author has used this concept as a foundation for his story. The narrating style is engaging and suits the story line.  The description of emotions wonderfully conveyed through the narration. The story has a nice ending.

Mandira by Anupama Jain
The story of Mandira looks appealing in the beginning, as one proceeds through the pages, the dramatic style of the author comes through. However ending could have been as alluring as the narrating style.

 Finding Mia by Roopa Raveendran Menon
 The last story in the book is interesting enough to continue to keep the reader absorbed. The author has successfully generated the curiosity of the reader in respect of the main protagonist of the story. The narration style is simple yet intense and interspersed with minor details which help the readers to visualize the events in the life of the protagonist.

After a long time, I have come across such literary treasure which leaves the reader with a fresh feeling after finishing the book. The anthology sends a strong message that while every being and even inanimate objects carry a story ,it is the writing skill and  narrating style of the author which puts life into them. I eagerly await reading more of these kind of brilliant creations by such talented authors.

Book : Chronicles of Urban Nomads
Publisher: Readomania
Pages: 175
My Rating: 4.5
You can get the book online at amazon and Flipkart


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