Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bring Back the Touch- Their first touch!

Kriti and Shivam were a married couple. Although they were married, they were living like strangers. The spark between them was missing. After Shivam lost his first wife, he was forced to marry Kriti who would take care of his two year old kid. Kriti was Shivam’s first wife’s sister. They were more than sisters. They would share every secret with each other. Kriti and her sister loved the same man, Shivam, but he chose Kriti’s sister for marriage. Kriti sacrificed her love for the happiness of her sister.

Kriti completing her household chores called Shivam for breakfast. Shivam’s red puffed eyes revealed that he didn’t sleep last night as the memories of his first wife were haunting him badly.

Shivam stood on the porch outside, lost again in the dust of memories of his first wife when she on her death bed wanted Shivam to marry her sister as she knew Kriti secretly loved him. She wanted Shivam to give same love to Kriti, but love comes within inside, When you are least expecting it, love happens.  
Kriti came and stood beside him looking at the sky which was getting darker and the cool breeze was gently caressing them. As God showered his blessing from the above in tiny droplets, Kriti came out and let the rain touched her gentle skin. She extended the hand of love to her husband saying,” Let the first rain of our love wash all the agonies of the past.”
Kriti never looked so beautiful to Shivam. He came out to hug her, leaving away the past behind. All the beautiful memories they shared in college flashed back in front of Shivam’s eyes. The moment Shivam held Kriti’s hand, he realized the hidden love for her. They hugged eachother. Kriti experienced her first touch from her husband. She was the happiest woman on earth. The first touch made Shivam realize that Kriti was the love of her life. Love had blessed Shivam once again and they celebrated their first rain of love.

It is said that one good touch makes you healthier, reduces stress and increases love between the couple
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