Saturday, 29 November 2014

Shave to win!

I am going to share a story of Jay who had just crossed 25. He was a commerce graduate and was struggling to search a suitable job for himself. Jay was simple, down to earth and a person with a beautiful heart but his simplicity was a setback for him. His reserved nature made him a lonely person. People felt ashamed to be with him as he did not know how to carry himself. His long beard, lack of dressing sense and poor personality was making him aloof from the world. In his college days, he always dreamt of becoming a successful and happy person. He gave all his life in studying in the hope of getting his dream job but life was not the bed of roses for him.  Every employer wanted a smart and presentable employee who could carry himself well which would add to the prestige of their company. As a result he had been struggling for two years to get the job. His inner skills failed to impress others. He would weep in the dark nights let his emotions out when no one was watching him. Days passed on like this but things did not change for him. In those dark days of his life, the only person with whom he shared his feelings was his childhood friend Sheetal. She knew Jay inside out. Sheetal was a smart, good looking and modern girl who would stand by Jay at every walk of life. Whenever Jay felt low, he would come to her and they would talk for long hours.
One day Sheetal came to Jay with an envelope in her hand saying that he had been called for an interview. Jay could not believe, he wanted to get the job at any cost. Next week Jay went for the interview with anticipation. He had given his best and was sure that this time he would break the ice. After going through his final round, he was waiting at the reception. His dreams were shattered when the HR told him that he was not selected. He was broken and his depression had taken its toll. He came home and decided to quit his life. Sheetal saw him taking out the poison. She instantly went to him and tried to stop him. After struggling and persuading for sometime Jay calm down. Sheetal could not see Jay in that condition and decided to help me.

Next few days, she worked on Jay’s personality. He was taken to a men’s saloon. His beard and long hair were chopped off. Sheetal worked on his dressing sense and changed his thinking. She was amazed to see the new look of Jay.  He was a neat and clean shaven man wearing a black suit. Sheetal never thought that Jay could look that handsome. Jay’s confidence returned as he knew the fact that the presentable personality attracts the heart of people.

Few months passed, Jay became smarter and confident than before. One day Sheetal was looking for Jay. He was not at his place. He called him but his phone was switched off. Spate of bad thoughts started flooding her mind till he saw Jay standing at the door. She hurriedly went towards him and started shooting him with the questions. Jay quietly handed him an envelope. Sheetal with deep apprehension opened the envelope and started reading the letter inside it. A sudden smile appeared on her face when she saw the appointment letter of Jay. Jay excitedly told her that he had been appointed as a researcher in a top multinational organization. She was surprised by the good news that Jay had given to her and tears of joy started rolling down her cheeks. Jay whipping off her tears said that there is one more thing he wanted to tell Sheetal. Sheetal looked at her with inquisitive eyes. Jay took out a ring from his pocket and proposed her asking her to marry Jay. Sheetal felt overwhelmed and loved. She happily said yes. After two years they got married and now are living happily with their small baby girl.   

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