Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lufthansa- A dawn of new era in the aviation industry

Indian aviation industry has witnessed an astounding growth in the last ten years with modernization of technology, increase in passengers and cargo traffic, an impressive increase in aircrafts and metro/non metro airports. With the rapid private sector participation and other infrastructure and transportation facilities is playing a major role in the growth of the country. According to a research, Indian aviation sector is likely to be the fastest growing market in the next 20 years. This will play a big role in the development of the nation.

Lufthansa the largest airline of Europe in terms of fleet size and the passengers they carry has launched Delhi flights on Delhi- Frankfurt routes on 8th November 2014.


Lufthansa A380 is the largest commercial aircraft in history is now flying to Delhi. I was delighted to know that Delhi is the first capital city in India to welcome Lufthansa A380 with the launch of Delhi-Frankfurt routes. I could not wait more to take the virtual tour of Lufthansa A380 and after what I saw, I was completely amazed.

 Starting from the Top Travel maintenance 
Lufthansa has set a high standard and the maintenance team runs according to their standard. The high maintenance standard and complex practices like comprehensive mechanical check with top quality operational performances has made Lufthansa one of the leading aviation industry.

New Lufthansa Painting system
It is good to know that Lufthansa is the first airbus customer to have the A380 painted with two coats instead of the usual three coats. The use of less paint means less weight which also reduces the cost of Kerosene and the great quality of the high tech paint is that it can withstands extreme temperatures.

Rolls Royce Trent 900 Engines 
 The A380 four turbofan engine manufactured by Rolls Royce which exceeds all dimension which produces less noise and helps in less fuel consumption.

 Next is Airport 
The magnificent airport with great catering services, relaxing  Lounges and amazing boarding. The large and comfortable lounges gives a feeling of a luxurious hotel. The different cuisines and the top quality food provided to more than 500 passengers with comfortable boarding facility  which reduces the waiting period for the passengers is a big factor in making Lufthansa one of the top aviation industry.

I was amazed to see the entire process of  take off. The airbus looks huge and very comfortable. Lufthansa provides an opportunity to the passengers to fly in a luxurious way. It gives a royal feeling to travel in such flights. I am sure it is going to be a memorable flight for every passenger flying in Lufthansa A380.

 Economy Class
When I had a first look of the economy class, I wondered how Lufthansa has done a great job and how the company develops an empathy for the passengers. Staring from the personal services, the crew had undergone extensive training and Lufthansa has hired quality people to be the part of the sector. The well trained staff is essential for every aviation sector and Lufthansa has successfully lived up to every passenger's expectations. The space and personal comfort are essential and it has provided every passenger with privacy and sufficient space to avoid the tiredness of the long journey.

Business Class  
The interior of Lufthansa is newly designed with stylish furniture. The high quality surfaces, characteristic silver stitching and modernization of design has made it the top quality industry, The entertainment program and media world is designed to meet the requirement of all the passengers.

First Class
I have never seen such a magnificent arrangement in an aircraft. The new first class seats are out of the world with bathroom facility and a space for  the personal belonging for passengers. The entertainment world is of the finest quality and the first class ambiance has some extraordinary arrangements. the high quality material and uniform design so characteristic of the Lufthansa first class lounge. The seating arrangement is open as there are no fixed partition which makes it more communicative. The passengers also get sufficient privacy because of the adjustable screens.

The video of arrival took my breath away. The smooth landing and trained pilots are very essential and Lufthansa has all the  amazing qualities to make the aircraft a huge success.

 The virtual tour of Lufthansa A380 was an amazing experience I have ever had in my life. i really wish to sit in the aircraft and fly somewhere. Lufthansa has set a benchmark for all other aviation industries. It has added muscles to aviation sector. The virtual tour made was an heavenly experience. I had to pinch myself to come back to the real world.

Lufthansa- A dawn of new era in the aviation industry.

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