Monday, 17 November 2014

My dream Home

My Home is where my family is. I am that kind of a person who loves to spend time with family and I always prefer to stay at home. My home is like my baby, I always take care of the small things at my place.  It feels good when things are organized and well maintained. I was given a choice; I would definitely go for a interior decoration course. I love colours and always want my house to look colourful and vibrant, it also brings positive energy. The best part of my home is my garden where I plant number of trees . It looks beautiful, especially at the spring season when the flowers blossom and it also adds beauty to our house.
There are certain things which I want to buy from porcelanosa

PORCELANOSA Group is a major reference on the Spanish and international markets, operating in accordance with firmly-consolidated values such as innovation and quality, and especially the trust it has placed in its extensive human capital, made up of almost 5,000 skilled professionals, and its ongoing concern for its stakeholders.
So let us begin the shopping!

Wardrobes and dressing rooms
Foc Roble Cacao / Blanco Superior Textil
I am a big time shopaholic. I shop almost once a week and as a result my wardrobe is stuffed with loads of clothes and fashion accessories. It becomes quite difficult to manage things and I have to put some of the things in my mother’s wardrobe. I would definitely go for a wardrobe with a perfect design, which would have maximum space to hold my things.
Dressing Rooms
Similarly, My makeup products need some good space and I want my makeup and beauty product to be kept in safe and hygienic place, away from sunlight.
porcelanosa provides Wardrobes and dressing rooms with large number of drawers and accessories which for an accurate storage and a perfect layout.

Second product which I would prefer from porcelanosa is Kitchen Furniture
G590 Gris Claro Brillo / Roble Humo Vintage
Kitchen is the most important space in our entire house and I want every modern accessory in my kitchen which would keep all the utensils hygienic and it would be easy for me to cook. I always prefer modular kitchen where things are easily available and I do not have to struggle to find things. I want a kitchen which would have versatile space and meets my daily requirement.

The current design introduces many new material into wide variety of kitchen component such as front, shelves , glass, designs to meet the requirement of storage need, pillars , large cupboards and integrated domestic appliances.

Third thing which I want to from porcelanosa are the Natural wood floor titles
Woodlovers Brown Lisbon

I have always dreamt of having these kind of floor titles. The wooden floor looks elegant and sophisticated. It would also give me a feeling of a hill station.
If given a chance I would definitely go for these products.

 porcelanosa has stunning and beautiful  products and it becomes difficult to choose from wide varieties of products.

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