Monday, 8 December 2014

Book Review- Railonama

Ever wonder how the experience of that foreign traveler in the train has been so far? What are they thinking? What did they like, what didn’t they like? What was it like traveling via trains in India back in 1956? What have been some of the most unforgettable travel stories of this lifeline of the nation? Read Railonama to find out!
RAILONAMA is an anthology of short stories and poems about unforgettable experiences people had while traveling by the Indian Railways. In the book you will find stories that are heartwarming, enriching, funny and even shocking. The anthology includes content authored by Indians, as well as foreigners from world over, who have traveled in India by trains.
My review
Railonama is the collection of beautiful short stories and poems based on rail journeys. The book will take you to the wonderful journey of different and unique stories and experiences of rail journey. The book contains beautiful 45 travel stories and poems written by wide variety of authors and their experiences of the rail journey. Each write up is entertaining. The narration styles of authors are commendable. The stories look real and one can easily relate to them. This book is meant for those readers who love travelling. The stories are apt and would rightly get along with your mood. The theme looked very interesting to me. It is not every day we get to read these kinds of stories. The experiences are very well penned down and the authors have tried their best to keep the readers intrigued. The stories are rightly chosen which makes the book appealing. The book made me feel nostalgic and it has brought back the memories of my train travels within India. Some of the experiences mentioned by the authors are very common but it is their narrating style which makes their story.
I wish I would have read this book while travelling; this surely would have made my journey more interesting. The book  provides the reader with a different feeling and the genuine stories hook the readers till the end. As a reader I could connect very well with the incidents narrated by the authors. This book is specifically meant for Indian audiences. I am sure every Indian adult or young would definitely love the stories. The simple narrating styles of the authors and the fast paced stories made me finish the book within a day. This book has managed to change my perspective on travel and would surely do the same for you. I look forward to my next train journey and am excited towards whatever time has in store for me.
However some of the stories were out of the track and plain but overall it is a good book and is highly recommended to all the readers of any age group.  The authors have made an excellent effort to make the book a great success and I wish to read these kinds of anthologies.
 My rating for the book is 3.5/5

Go and grab your copy and enjoy the wonderful experiences of rail journey. 

  • ISIN: 978-93-8061-979-8
  • Book: Anthology
  • Publishers: Good Times Books Pvt Ltd
  • Price: INR-250
  • Authors: Various
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