Friday, 12 December 2014

Overcome the fear of Snorkeling

“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” I realized this two years back when I had visit Andaman Islands with my family.  The beautiful clear beaches and the aesthetic view makes Andaman Islands one of the famous tourists spots in India. One more thing which I discovered were the Tsunami affected areas. Once the area which had vegetation was now water logged.  I was enjoying my trip very much until that day when my family decided to go for ‘Snorkeling‘.   Snorkeling is a water sport or a practice where people swim on or through the water with just a diving mask. I had seen before some people were practicing this activity but they were all swimming at the edge of the sea.  I was excited to see the underwater life.  Finally the day had come; we went to an island for snorkeling. To my surprise, there were no other people on that island except for my family and our trainer who was a young boy.
A little nugget of fear struck my mind as we were all alone on that deserted island. The sun began to set and it was getting dark. We were taken to the middle of the sea. The water level was of 20 feet. I started getting horrified. Our instructor gave us the masks. My father was the first person to go inside the sea. The instructor held his hand tightly and I could feel the water was deep.  It took fifteen to twenty minutes for each person. After my father came out, he was worried for me, what if I get drowned. This increased my fear.  As time went by, it was getting little darker and the waves started increasing. All weird thoughts started hitting my mind, what I get lost, what if I get drowned, what if the instructor leaves my hand, what if I get attacked by sharks as I was told that the sea also had sharks and other dangerous water animals.  The fear started overpowering me and for a moment I thought of quitting.
But on the other hand, I also saw the happiness and contentment, my family members were experiencing to see the beautiful world underwater. Each time my family member went for snorkeling, they would come up and describe the beauty of nature which was rare and unusual. The beauty of underwater cannot be seen every day.
I thought for some time and then I realized that I might not get the second chance of seeing the underwater life and I recalled my main purpose of coming to Andaman Islands. I decided that I would not let my fear overpower my dream, my fascination and joy. I thought that it is appropriate for me to take action rather than thinking because the thoughts always increase fear and fear never let you win. I wanted to prove myself that I can also do it. Without thinking more, I wore my mask and jumped into the water. The instructor held my hand and asked me to see inside the water. Initially, I was hesitating a little bit but the moment I saw the life of under the water, my fear vanished. The beautiful and amazing corals, colorful fishes, soothing and peaceful life, sea shells took my breath away. It had changed my perspective about life. After sometime I came out and I could feel the tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. It was the best time of my life and the most cherishable memory of my life.

Now I think, fear is nothing but a negative thought which stops you from achieving your goal. So overcome fear and get what you want just the way I did. I have overcome my fear of  getting drowned in water and enjoyed the beautiful experience of snorkeling.

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