Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Take a Vacation!

 Vacation is the time when the kids get most excited and they come up to their parents with maximum hopes and a lot of enthusiasm.It is that period of time when the parents  with their  kids relax and do things which make them happy. It is that phase when we get a break from our monotonous life and enjoy the laid back life. However, sometimes parents find it difficult to make their kids happy and not able to fulfill their promises they had made to their kids of spending time with them, taking them to their favourite tourist spots etc because of our busy schedule. As a result, the kids get disappointed and their vacation gets spoiled. They feel bored of their routine life.
One must not forget the importance of family. We are so lost in the race of one up manship that we keeping our family behind. It is said that children in the family gets highly affected by the busy schedule of their parents. They feel lonely and depressed but as a parent it is our responsibility to keep our children happy and made them enjoy life. A happy child creates a happy home.
Vacation is the golden opportunity given to every parent to spend quality time with his/her child. Here are the few tips which can make the kids happy and satisfied in his/her vacation:
Plan something exciting for your kid- Parents either can give their kids a surprise of a holiday trip to some new place or they can plan in advance with their kids. This will increase the curiosity within the children about the new place they are going to visit and they would feel excited and delighted which is also good for the child’s health.
Make sure you visit the place where our kids can enjoy maximum- Instead visiting a boring place, make a plan to visit a place where the kids can enjoy to their fullest, where they have something to learn and where they can feel free and not get bored like Amusement Park, Museums, Science center,, beaches, mountains, hills etc.
 Always carry your kid’s favourite toy or book- Many times the kids get bored and they miss home. Make sure to carry the kid’s favourite book or soft toy which is handy, light and easily fits in our bag so whenever the kids get bored of travelling long distance, we can keep them engage with their favourite toy or book.
Have fun talks with your kids on the journey – Sometimes the adults get involved amongst themselves forgetting their kids. No one bothers to interact with them and isolated. Do not let your kids feel left out. Always involve them in your conversations, play games with them, do some fun talks and make them happy on their vacation.
Carry all the essentials with you- If you are going to some unknown place, you are not sure about the weather and any other unexpected circumstances might occur like no proper restaurants etc. Why take a chance? Prepare in advance for every situation, Carry snacks, water, first aid kit and woolen clothes (if you are visiting any hill station), umbrella etc with you in your travel bag.
 Order your kid’s favourite food- It’s ok to eat pizza, burger, French fries once in a while. Bring a smile on your kid’s face by eating in his favourite restaurants or eating his favourite food.
If you have not planned to go to any other city for the vacations, at least enjoy the holidays with your kids at home or at any local spot. Do some creative work with them, go out for a movie, invite your kids friends at home. Organize a party or make plan to go to picnic with your kids. Go out for shopping and make your kid’s vacation the most memorable time of the year.
I follow these simple steps and ensure that my kid is having a great time. Children are the blessings from God. We are incomplete without our kids. They add  magic to our life and whenever we get chance, we should look forward to  keep them happy and do something for them so that in future they would also follow the thing with their kids.

Bring positivity to your kid’s life. Plan a vacation and make their life beautiful!
Take a vacation money can't wait but time and memories can't!

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