Saturday, 27 December 2014

Truth is always Victorious

Telling the truth is not always easy but once you face it, it will set you free. You cannot hide truth for a long time.  No matter how attractive the lie is, there is a great pleasure in standing with the truth.  Few years back, I joined an organization as a researcher. As it was my first job, I was excited to work with new people, learn new things, face challenges and make friends. I was the happiest girl on the earth because of getting my dream job. It was my first day at the work place. Everyone welcomed me. I was assigned some projects and I worked hard. I wanted to prove myself. I enjoyed my work very much. Everything was good about my workplace except for my team leader. He was the most arrogant and corrupt person I had ever seen. There were many situations in the office when he made me do his personal work. Sometimes he overloaded me with the work assigned to him. I could not say a word to him as I was new to the organization and it was my first job also my other two team members were disciples of him. They followed every advice of my team leader just to impress him. They were equally corrupt and believed in imposing their work to others. Six months passed in the organization, I made new friends, I worked hard on the other hand , the bheaviour of my team leader and other two members were constantly annoying me.  Their dominating nature was overpowering me and sometimes I would lose myself and could see tears of frustration coming out my eyes. However, with my other two members, there was a peon attached to our team named Raju.  He was the most innocent and kind person I had ever seen. He would come to me and helped me without even asking. He was very devoted to his work and would do all the work given to him by me and my team members without complaining. Many times he had mentioned me that he had been facing financial crises, his family was going through. Once I had offered some money to him but he would refuse me.
One day I was checking the balance sheet of the company and saw that the amount which our company would have to receive by selling the scrap inventory was missing. As it was a huge amount, I quickly went to my team leader and showed him the papers  as it was his responsibility to check the amount.  He was shocked to see the missing amount and called every member from our team. No one knew where the money had gone. Two days had passed and we could not locate the money. One day my team leader called everyone including Raju  and gave a very shock to me. He said that the amount was found inside Raju’s bag. He held Raju guilty and blamed him for the theft. Raju was equally shocked. He started defending himself and said that he didn’t know from where the money had come. My team leader and other members insulted Raju and harassed him. He even warned Raju that he would fire him from the job. That day, Raju cried in helplessness and tried a lot to defend himself. I could not believe that Raju took the money. He didn’t even know about the transaction.
I could not do much as I had least control and didn’t have enough evidence to prove Raju innocent. One day , after 8 hour of working hard, I left for home. I walked half a way and then I realized that I had left my mobile inside my drawer. It was getting dark and everyone had left the office. I quickly came back to office to take my mobile. I took the mobile and was about to leave and then I saw my two team members with my team leader were discussing something. I quietly went near to their room and heard my team leader laughing and saying that ,” It was so easy to blame Raju.  Now nobody would even think that we have stolen the money. Next time ,when this kind of situation arises, we will play the same trick which we have done with Raju.”
One of my team members asked my leader,” But Boss, how did you manage to put the money inside Raju’s bag?”
My Boss replied,” I saw Raju was busy cleaning the floor of my room . I quickly put the money in his bag.”
The three of them laughed and started dividing the money amongst them.
I was wise enough that time and had recorded everything on my mobile. I opened the door with a jerk and went inside showing the recording and said that I would tell everything to the chairperson. For a moment, they got perplexed, then my team leader started laughing and said that if I would do this , he would present a negative report of my work to the chairman and in that way I would lose my job.
He blackmailed me and harassed me. I could not sleep the whole night as it was my first job , my career was taking toll. I could not afford to lose that job. After a moment Raju’s face started flashing before my eyes. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I recalled Raju’s nature. Although poor, he was the most honest and hardworking person.
Next day I went to my room, my team members were passing a wicked smile and were wandering without any fear. I could not tolerate that. I quickly went inside Chairman’s room and showed him the video , narrating each and every incident. I even disclosed their unethical behavior towards him and how they blackmailed me. The chairman called my team members and shouted at them. They were fired from the job and Raju thanked me for supporting him. My chairman thanked me for telling the truth.
That day I realized that I would have lost my job but if I had not told the truth, I would have lost my dignity and self respect.

 This post is written for Kinley 2014 TVC by indiblogger


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