Monday, 22 December 2014

Willyoushave activity - Story of a struggling actor

Rajiv, a young talented man has been struggling to get a break in the modeling world. Unfortunately his dream turned into nightmare. Every time tried to get an assignment,he gets rejected. He could not understood what was wrong with him? After all he was given the best face award in his college when he was in UP.He was a talented actor and a great performer as well. This thought was letting him into depression. He could not see his dreams getting shattered into pieces. One day he received a call from a top modelling agency. Rajiv's friend and room mate, Priyansh had recommend Rajiv's name to his friend. He could not see Rajiv in that condition. Priyansh was also from the same industry. Rajiv has decided that was  the last time, he would go for the audition. If he gets rejected, he would go to his native place and handle his father business.  Slowly he started losing confidence and faith in himself. He lost all the strength and locked himself in the room. he started weeping in silent.
Priyansh knocked his door. Plethora of  bad thoughts started hitting Priyansh's mind as Rajiv did not respond and opened the door. Priyansh hit the door with a jerk and saw Rajiv sitting on the floor with a knife  in his hand. He quickly went to Rajiv and snatched the knife from him. Rajiv started losing himself and squealing in pain of rejection. Priyansh decided to help him. Next day he took Rajiv to the saloon. He asked the manager to give Rajiv a complete makeover. Rajiv who had long beared and wavy hair was turned to a clean shaven man with his hair neatly cut and his skin was glowing. Rajiv could feel the difference in himself. He started feeling more confident and happy.It was two days left for his audition. He pedometer well and made sure to shave before going out for the audition. He also carried the attitude which every man should carry in himself. He went to audition. The moment he entered the room, everyone started staring at him with awe. He never looked so handsome and smart. A fair strong , clean shaven man with a sweet smile on his face. The judges were highly impressed by him and after next few days he received a call from the company that he had been selected. It was the day of achievement for him. He instantly went to Priyansh and hugged him tight. Tears of joy rolled down his cheeks and a smile of contentment was there in his face. He no longer had to go to his town and handle his father's business. He achieved his dreams. He knew by now that a smart personality never fails. 
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