Friday, 23 January 2015

For My Crush

I am that kind of a girl who is known for her reserved and shy nature. I am a complete loser when it comes to expressing my feelings for someone. In my college days, I had a crush on someone but because of the shyness, I had let him go. Now at this point of time , I have realized that it is always better to express your feelings to someone and pour your heart out because the this time will never come again so we should grab the opportunity and be courageous enough to express your love. Slowly his memories started fading away.
After five years, I have started liking (loving) someone else but my shyness stops me from approaching him. In this Valentine’s Day, if I had to propose someone, I would not think twice and would leave my shyness behind. I would plan something memorable for my crush.
I would plan my valentine’s day like this:
As my crush is my friend and we are quite compatible with each other, it would not be very difficult to know about his likes and dislikes.  Before proposing him, I would make sure that I do a little bit of research on him which includes his relationship status, his likes and dislikes and his opinion about you. I have already done my research and I am very happy to know that he is still single and ready to mingle.
Firstly, I would take him for a lunch at the pool side. It is said that nothing is more romantic than a pool side date. I have planned this date as we could spend some quality time with him and I would get to know him better. I would give him a bunch of yellow roses for the friendship. I am sure this would bring smile on his face.  I would also make sure to order his favourite dishes.
After the lunch, I have planned the biggest surprise for him where I would propose him and express my love for him. I would take him for a hot Air Balloon ride. It is one of the most romantic things to do for someone special. One can fly high away from the hustle and bustle of life .   
The next step would be to propose to my crush. I will ask him to close his eyes and then I would present him with a bouquet of red roses and a chocolate cake made by me with a special note for him saying that I love my crush and wants to spend my whole life with him.
I do not know what would be his reaction after my proposal but whatever his reaction would be, at least I would not regret for not expressing love to my crush.  

If he says yes, I have planned for a walk on the beach side with him where I have planned for one more surprise for him. I would gift him a dancing couple to him with that I will be courageous enough to say  ‘I Love You ‘ to him.

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