Saturday, 31 January 2015

Get Qukir NXT

Online shopping is becoming very popular in the world. One can easily choose the products by sitting at home and can make payment easily without standing in a queue. I am a big time shopaholic and I always prefer buying products online as it becomes easy for me to choose from the wide variety of products and major discounts offered on the sites.

I was amazed to see that Quikr NXT  can connect its buyers and sellers with each other through the chat across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and desktop site. It is a very rare feature we get to see in other online shopping portals.  The world has become very busy today. No one has time to take phone calls and discuss the products on calls. Introducing a product or describing it’s features is very complicated and time consuming. It is also expensive for the buyers and sellers. To avoid these complications, Quikr has come up with an unique feature of Quikr NXT chat feature.
I would definitely prefer chatting over phone calls while shopping. Here are some reasons which shows why chatting is better than the phone calls:

Share the photos of the products- It becomes quite easy for a buyer to know about the product. The seller can easily explain the features of the product and they can handle any query of the customer. It is not possible over a phone call. The buyer would always be in doubt as he is unable to see the products. Whenever I discuss about some product on a call, I always get confused and ask for the photos. By the time the seller sends the photos of the product I lose interest and prefer another seller. I find this process very time consuming as well. While chatting, I can instantly see the product and can easily decide to buy the product.

Save chat history- One of the great advantages of chatting is that the conversations are saved from buyer’s as well as seller’s end. One can easily refer to the previous conversations if he has forgotten something. He can also see the product anytime he wants. I love this feature of chatting as if I forget something about the product which the seller has explained , I can quickly revert to my chat history which is not possible over a phone call where I have to call the seller and ask the same question again.

No time for calls-  Some people do not like receiving calls from any unknown number. In today’s busy schedule, no one has time to receive call from any random number unless it is very important. This has happened with me several times.  Whenever I am busy in meetings or doing some important work, I receive call from any random seller . With Quikr NXT chat, I can work tension free and chat with the seller as per my convenience and interest.  I can discuss about the product when I am in the mood. I also do not like sharing my number with any unknown person, with Quikr NXT chat , I can maintain my privacy and at the same time interact with the buyers and sellers on chat.

Thanks to for this great feature. It is the customer oriented company and thinks of innovative ideas for the customers.

This post is a part of by indiblogger where bloggers had to state three reasons why they would prefer online chat over phone calls.


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