Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Have a Pimple Free Face

Skin problem and pimples are any girl's biggest enemy. Imagine you have an important interview tomorrow and you are going out on a date with someone special, You wanted to look the best and presentable but WAIT! 
your biggest nightmare comes true. A pimple on your face.  It would spoil your mood and also affects your self confidence.  You try each and every thing to hide pimples but pimples cannot be hidden for a long time. 
Time has changed, we are no longer living in that era where there is less pollution and we could get organic products. Everything  has got chemicals and you cannot avoid chemicals.
 Let us know the reason behind pimples and other skin problems
 What are Pimples?
Pimples are a small hard spot or inflammation on the skin. These spots are infected with bacteria and then they swell up and cause pain. Most pimples are found on face, neck and shoulder. Acne are considered as disease which affects skin oil glands.  Research says that more than 80% of teenagers get pimples at some point of time.

Following are the causes of pimples:
1.Sometimes dead skin are left behind on the face, which causes blockages and then turns into acne or pimples.
 2.Black heads and white heads if not removed in time can take the shape of pimples,
3.consuming oily food and junk food also affects our metabolism which causes pimples.
4.Not cleaning the face regularly and applying make up or chemical products on face can cause pimples.
5.Taking medicines which may cause side effects.
6.Pimples are common amongst teenagers because of the hormonal changes.

Common problems faced by me when it comes to pimples and other skin problems.
The major problem which I face every time whenever I get pimples is that pimples affect my self confidence very badly. It makes me look ugly as a result I prefer to lock myself in my room where no one can see me. I am very particular about my skin and do not like if my skin is getting affected due to some reason.
 It leaves a physiological impact on anybody's mind. Sometimes People do not want to interact with you and have food with you as they think they can also get pimples. This can be the most embarrassing situation for any girl. 
No matter what people say, beauty plays an important role and everyone wants a partner who is beautiful and presentable. A pimple free face is always beautiful.
 Pimples also reveal the secrets of our eating habit and other life style which according to me is a very private thing.
It is frustrating when people point at your face all the time and ask what has happened as if they have seen something unusual.

We can prevent these problems or embarrassments by following some simple steps:
Clean your face with a mild face wash twice a day .
I had lot of pimples and had gone through the above situations then someone recommend me Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash which has solved my pimple and skin problems. My face looks good and fresh after using the face wash. The neem is very important for your face and it helps to kill germs and cure pimples and acne. I recommend this face wash to everyone if you want to have pimple free face.

Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. The nutrients like vitamin present in the leafy vegetables and fruits is a natural remedy to cure pimples and your skin will also start glowing.

Use besan  or milk and rice face pack to clean your skin. Apply it on your skin for 15 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. Trust me , you will look beautiful like never before.
So do not let pimples stop you, follow the above steps and be confident about face. You are special in your own way!
  This post is written for www.nopimplesnomarks.com and www.garnier.in/face-care/beauty/garnier/pure-active/neem-face-wash by indiblogger

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