Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Shame on you Litterbugs

A poem that every litterbug follows!
Jonny Jonny!
Yes Papa!
Keeping the country clean?
No papa!
Telling lies?
No Papa!
Litter everywhere!!
Ha Ha Ha
(what a shame Litterbugs!!)

It is not very difficult to find a Litterbug in India. You just have to follow their dirt track and you will see at least one litterbug in every home of India. Our country has a huge population of litterbugs. Litterbugs are those people who get a special pleasure in polluting the environment of the country. They are the same people who appreciate the clean environment of a foreign land and criticize their own country for not being clean and healthy as compared to other countries, forgetting that they are the only source behind the problem.
The great Indian litterbug has the following characteristics:
  • He is allergic to dustbins and loves throwing their waste products at inappropriate locations.
  • He loves painting the walls of the country red in colour by spitting tobacco all around.
  • He is not ashamed of himself when he pisses in public.
  • He has the strong habit of open defecation.
  • He does not treat his country like a home and is not bothered to keep the country clean.
  • He is a self-centered, lazy and selfish person who loves to harm others.

The great Indian litterbug is on a mission to litter all over the country and destroy the natural surroundings. He would not care about his future generation and would not care about himself. His objective is to keep on littering until it affects his own health. According to a research done, the statistics of the great Indian litterbugs are increasing day by day. They have become more harmful and on a killing spree.  After a survey by an organization, it has been found that about 1000 children die every day in India due to polluted water.
The great Indian litterbug is a hypocrite who on one hand worships the holy river of Ganga and on other hand loves polluting the same river by throwing all kinds of plastics, waste material, human excreta and many other unwanted materials.
The great Indian litterbug would scold his children if they keep their room or home unclean but happily keeps on littering the country without a dot of shame on their face.
Few years back, I visited Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The place is known for its natural beauty and pollution free environment. One can hardly find any litterbug in that place as the people over there treat the surroundings like their home. One day we were all enjoying the beauty of the nature. Suddenly, a great Indian litterbug appeared out of the blue and started throwing plastic bottles and plastic bags. We all started in anger at the foolish litterbug. In the mean time four security guards appeared and insulted her in front of everyone for polluting the environment. They even charged a heavy fine from her. I was satisfied as there are still some wise people in India who are against the great Indian litterbug.
According to me, every Indian litterbug should be imposed with heavy find as well as he or she should be insulted badly in public so that next time they think of littering the environment, they get scared of it.
It is up to us to become a  great Indian litterbug or a great Indian clean bug. Let us come together and teach every litter bug a lesson and helps the country by  making the nation clean and pollution free.

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