Monday, 19 January 2015

Tata Motors: Bolt

Tata bolt is the second car launched by Tata after Zest.  You will find many similarities with the Indica Vista but the Bolt has come up with a new concept and some amazing and great features. After checking the new contest organized by BlogAdda , I could not wait more to see the beautiful and unique car introduced by Tata Motors.
I was excited enough to visit the nearest place and could not resist to feel the car.
The car has some great features which makes Tata Bolt unique and different from other cars:
Here are some of the features of the car which made me fall in love with Tata Bolt:
One:  It’s exterior:
 The exterior of the car is mind blowing and very eye catching. Tata Bolt is a next-generation global car launched by  Tata Motors which reveals  the enthusiasm of the organization  and shows the uniqueness in  terms of design (DesigNext), drivablilty (DriveNext) and connectivity (ConnectNext). According to the company,  the name Bolt itself signifies speed. 
The sleek headlights, the colour  and the design and structure makes it’s exterior remarkable.
Two: Interior of the Car
The car carries a great feature of white and black combination interior setup with high quality  plastics as well as gauges mounted behind the steering and a touch screen created by Harmann for the Tata Bolt and Zest CS.  The seats are comfortable and there is enough leg space inside the car. The car is comfortable  even if you are going for a long journey.
Three: Engine and Machines:
When it comes to engine, Tata Motors has made the engine of the car  with the 1.2-litre Revotron engine which is petrol powered and produces 84bhp/140Nm. The diesel engine on the other hand is the 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel.  This means , the car has been designed in such a way, that it consumes less petrol and you can save more money.
Four: Price:
Tata Motors is expected to  price the Bolt in the range of Rs 4.20 lakh to Rs 6.60 lakh and it will have four petrol and three diesel variants. The car  is easily affordable and gives great mileage. The car is especially suitable for middle class families who can get the car within 5 or 6 lakhs.
Five: Efficient Team Members
The company consists of efficient team members and think of innovative ideas. They are customer oriented and are always ready to assist you , if you have any problem. The car can be easily driven and the size of the car is made in such a way that it can move in the traffic jam of India. It is a family car and comfortable. Which make it  keep going.
Six: safety
The car has the amazing feature known as Generation Next safety ABS by Bosch , corner stability control and dual airbags which helps you stay in control while driving.
Seven: Entertainment
The car also has an access to some great entrainment by providing the features like smartphone enabled navigation from MapMy India and advanced voice command recognition.
 I am including my photo :

 This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.


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