Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Things that define me

 I am writing for Things that define me
Every woman has some things that she is passionate about, things that make her who she is. Tell us about the things that are important to you, the multitude of things that make you who you are, because you can’t be limited by one label.

Sometimes one need to raise his/her voice against any injustice and prove his/her worth to establish their position.
 Few years back I  joined an organization as a reseracher. That was my first job. i was struggling to get a job with a masters degree in my hand. when i lost all the interest and hope of getting a good job, i got call from this organization.I was ok with it, not much excited. Still somewhere I was satisfied that finally I had received my dream job. The first day in my office went off quite well. I was quite happy as i was assigned with a profile of a researcher which was one of the top positions in my organization and It sounded great to most of the people too.
The profile looked quite interesting and very impressive but inside it was a completely different story. I was made to sit in a room which made me isolated from other staff members. I was not allowed to move out of that room. The colleagues in that room were not at all helpful. In short I was caged and humilated by my team members. slowly i started loosing interest in my job.  i did not want to attend office. Each day was I was struggling to go there and face them. I was only there to gain experience.I hated being there.It was difficult to pass a single minute  over there..I cried silently every night.First few months were terrible for me.I was assigned with some work which  didn't even match my profile.It was very demoralizing for me .The only thing which was good in the office was the friends which I have had made in the organization who i would meet them during break. I would discuss with them about my problem and they would console me.
After  completing   two months in that hell, I decided to do something as I would not afford to live in that cage.For me job satisfaction is the most important thing...I started meeting my seniors.I started giving interviews inside the organization,explored the opportunities.I approached many senior officials.
one day when took a leave from office as I was out of town, my phone rang and my mother received a call from someone about the project. when i called back.. i came to know that i had got the project...yes!! i got what i deserved!!! it made me quite happy that all my efforts didn't go waste.
luckily i have got the bestest and nicest person as my boss. He treats me just like his daughter. I am very thankful to him and my friends who helped me to come out of that hell.
I no more  sit in that room(cage) and blessed with two projects and with some beautiful people as my colleague. I am so lucky to have them. 
That day I realized patience and hard work plays an important role in the success. So set a goal and get set to go and always be prepared to face the obstacles in life because life is not always a fairy tale.
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