Thursday, 22 January 2015

To My Dear Grandmother

Valentine’s Day is the most memorable and lovable day of someone’s life. It is the day where we get a chance to express our love and feelings to our near and dear ones.  With increase in work pressure and many kinds of responsibilities, one gets lost in the hustle and bustle of life. He/she hardly finds time to sit with their closed ones and pour their heart out.  Valentine’s day gives you a chance to do something for your special someone and make them feel happy. It does not matter whether you are doing something great or not. Sometimes small and cute gestures could bring a huge smile on their faces.
Sometimes people get confused that valentine’s day is only meant for couples. However , they do not know that this day is not meant for specific persons in your life, it is meant for those you love and for those who loves you.
I always wanted to do something for my Grandmother. She is my mentor, my friend and everything. I share every piece of secret with her, which I do not share with my parents. She is an angel to me. She is an artist and a nature lover and loves exploring new places, buy new things, eat good food. Some of her wishes are not coming true because of the old age. I feel bad when she sits alone in her room quietly when all the family members are out for work. I know she wants to see the world but at the same time she is scared and have lost confidence in herself. If I get a special power for one day, I would definitely love to do something special for my dearest Grandmother.
 This is how I have planned my valentine’s day with my Grandmother.
I would plan something unique to wake her up. I would wake her up with a huge bunch of red roses from  Baggout floweraura discount coupon as rose is my grandmother’s favourite flower. The bubbles floating in the air in her room and a light instrumental music would make her morning perfect. I am sure she would be happy to see the surprise. I would make sure that the whole day would fill with beautiful and pleasant surprises. I would also gift her a box of chocolates and a greeting card from baggout archiesonline discount coupon codes
I would also plan a royal bath for her where she would take bath in a royal way with rose petals and perfumes.
If I had unlimited power, I would order a private aircraft from baggout yatra-domestic discount coupon  for me and my grandmother where we could visit her favourite places.
I always wanted  to take my grandmother to her school. I am sure it would be an emotional moment for her to see her old school and hostel where she lived.
The  second place where I would take her to is Rajasthan as it is my grandmother’s favourite destination. She has always wanted to visit there but she could not go as she gets tired while walking. I would plan an elephant ride for her for the local sightseeing.  She loves art and history. I would make sure to take her to every art gallery and museums.
I would plan a royal lunch for her where she would eat on a silver plate. I would make sure that all the dishes are of her choice. In case she gets tired, she would take rest in the famous palace in Udaipur.  
The best part of the valentine’s day is a special gift from special someone. It is very easy to choose gifts for the younger generation, at the same time it is equally difficult to choose gifts for the elder and older people. I want my gift to be cute and colourful as well as it should be something which my grandmother could use it day to day.  The best thing which I could give her a typical Rajasthani royal gold bangles  from  baggout jewelskart discount coupon  and a designer light cream saree from baggout shopping indiatimes discount coupon as light cream is her favourite colour. 
Whatever the time would remain, I would make sure to  plan according to her preference.  In the evening I would plan a dinner date  with my grandmother from baggout foodpanda discount coupon codes, we would dance and sing old hindi films songs together. We would watch her favourite movie under the moonlight.
At last, if I would get unlimited powers, I would make my grandmother 10 years younger so that she could enjoy her life more without any health problems.
It is easy to do something for your crush, love or anyone but in the world of romance we overlook those people whose love is priceless. No one can love us , the way our family do. Some relations are always permanent in life. We should not take them for granted and do something to see them happy. It is an amazing feeling to make others happy.

To my Dear GrandMa
You mean a world to me.From your delicious recipes, to your bed time stories, having you as my Grandmother is a beautiful feeling.
Love you always!
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  1. What a wonderful Valentine's day tribute! I'm sure your grandma is more than proud to have you as her granddaughter. It's true that Valentine's day is celebrated for those who love deeply and truly, so it's only right that you dedicated that whole day to shower your grandmother with love. Thank you so much for sharing such a heartwarming post! All the best to you and your family!

    Joel Pratt @ Comfort Keepers

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