Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Bedtime Rituals With My Baby

Motherhood is the most beautiful phase of life. Being a mother not only makes me feel complete but when I see my baby smiling at me, all my stress and worries vanish. All I could think is to play for hours and hours with my cute little angel.  It has been rightly quoted that children are gift from God. The almighty must have thought that I am capable to take care of a new life.  I thank God for bestowing me with this priceless soul.

 When my baby was born, I promised myself that I would try my best to make my baby happy and not let him suffer at any cost. I would always protect him and take care of him at every walk of life. The initial stages of motherhood are not that easy. As your baby cannot express his/her feelings and therefore sometimes it becomes little difficult for a mother to know what exactly the baby wants. But as  we say mother knows everything about her child. The main problem most of the mothers encounter is when their child does not get a good night’s sleep. It is because of the several reasons.

Being a mother, I am always alert whether my child is facing any kind of problem while sleeping or his sleep is getting disturbed. If your baby does not get a good night’s sleep, he/she will become cranky and it also can affect your baby’s health. Lack of sleep let your child suffer from laziness, dullness, your child become inactive and this may also affects the development of the brain.
I make sure my baby sleeps peacefully and comfortably at night so that next day he can wake up fresh and look healthy and happy. Here are some of the fun bed time rituals which I share with my baby so that he can get a proper sleep:

Feed my child early: I always make sure to feed my baby two hours before sleep so that the food get digests and my baby can sleep peacefully. I have got special colourful baby plates for my baby. He always wants to have his meal in those plates. It brings a huge smile on his face when I feed my baby with the colourful spoon having famous cartoon characters.

Singing a lullaby: My baby loves listening to nursery rhymes. I always have to sing a new lullaby to him every night. He enjoys a lot when I start singing his lullaby and falls asleep within five minutes.

Comfortable clothes and Diapers: It is very important to check that the clothes your baby is wearing are comfortable enough to make him/her sleep peacefully.  The best bed time moment I share with my baby is selecting his nightwear. He loves wearing blue and green colour and I love it when I dress my baby for the bedtime. My baby loves his nightwear as it is very comfortable and soft. The most important thing is the diaper. I use pampers baby dry pants which are as comfortable as my baby’s clothes. My baby does not get irritated while changing the diapers. The diapers help my baby getting sound sleep as it soak all the wetness and my baby wakes up next day feeling fresh and happy.

The bedtime rituals which I share with my baby are the most precious for me and I will always cherish these moments.

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