Friday, 27 February 2015

Get a better Car with Quikr NXT

Few years back, as a college student I was finding it very difficult to commute from my home to college as the place where I live does not have any proper transportation facility.  As a girl, it was not safe for me to travel alone because the area from where I had to pass through was very dicey and was not at all safe for women to travel alone. Keeping all these factors in mind, My father gifted me a small car. I especially learnt driving and the car was working well for me. I used to travel alone confidently and also sometimes give  lift to my friends.  The car was fulfilling my every need as a student. As days passed, I got the job. I joined an organization and I travel to my office in the same car. Initially the car was working very smoothly and I was very satisfied with my car but with the increase in time, my car has become old and also facing many problems.  There were situations when my car had broken down in the middle of the road. I have spent huge amount for repairing my car but the mechanics have also suggested me to buy a new car. I was searching for months to sell my old car and buy a new car. I have certain requirements which my current car cannot fulfil.  I want a car which should be more spacious and gives better mileage.  I have decided to buy a second hand car as I do not have enough amount to spend on a new car. Now a days, there are variety of cars available on Quikr NXT.  I would definitely visit Quikr NXT to choose a car for myself and replace my existing car.

If I were to choose a better car from Quikr NXT as compared to my existing car, I would not think twice. Quikr is the best place to buy second hand products as all the items available on the site are 100% genuine. There are certain factors which I would keep in mind to buy a car:

1.I would check the location of the seller. The location of the seller should be near by my place and the seller should reside in the same city.
2. I would check the colour of the car as colour of the vehicle is considered to be one of the most important factors. I would not go for a pink colour car. The colour should be elegant and matches my personality.
There are many other factors which I would not miss like the year and date of the purchase of the car, details of it’s owner, model number, kilometre driven  and many other factors.
3. I would also check the condition of the car and if it satisfies all my need, I would definitely buy the car and chat with seller.

I always prefer Quikr NXT for buying things as it is the most reliable site and it has also got some extraordinary features .
I am very excited to buy the a new car from Quikr NXT.

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