Monday, 16 February 2015

Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of

Life is a very long journey. In this beautiful journey we encounter so many things and meet so many people who give us great experiences and memories. According to some people, life is all about struggling. For them, life is unpredictable.  They spend their whole life worrying about their family, health, money, fame. These people do not know how to spend their life in a positive way. Life is one and we should all enjoy this beautiful gift from God.  We only have one chance of living our life and enjoy it to the fullest. It has been rightly said by someone that,”Life is an ice cream. Enjoy it till it melts.”

I am that kind of a person who loves to dream. I have many dreams and desires. There are many things which I want to accomplish before I die. I believe that I can only achieve these things if I live my life tension free and without any worries.
Here are my top five things on my bucket list that I would do if I were #befikarUmarbhar ( tension free for the whole life) :

1.        Visit my dream place: Since my childhood, I wanted to visit Paris.  Paris is my dream destination. I love everything about Paris and I would do anything to visit my dream destination. Being a French language student, I know everything about French culture. The more I know about that place, the more I fell in love with Paris. I would definitely visit Paris before my life ends.

2.       Write a book:  writing is my passion. I have been writing since school days. Whenever I read the novels of famous and well known authors, I get more inspired to write my own book. My dream of becoming an author is on halt as I am mostly busy with my office work. Sometimes, I feel like quitting my job and pursue my dream of becoming a writer. It is more important for me to fulfill my dreams than working on something in which I am not interested.

3.       To be a rock star:  Apart from writing, I also love music. When I return home after a long tiring day and hectic schedule at workplace and when worries start overpowering my peace, my guitar helps me a lot in forgetting all the tensions of life. I sit in a room with my guitar and I feel refreshed again. If I have a tension free life , I would create a band and will be the lead guitarist. I would roam all over the world for the shows and concerts and I am sure it would definitely make my soul happy.

4.       Learn salsa: Dancing is the most graceful things I have ever known. If I live a life without any worries and responsibilities, I would join the Salsa classes and spend at least five hours of my life learning my favourite dance moves. I would love to perform on the stage and see people cheering and clapping for me.

5.       Learn photography: If I would lead my life without worrying about my responsibilities and I have a whole life to spend as per my choice, I would surely join a photography class where I would learn how to take photographs professionally. I always wanted to be a professional photographer and if I ever get a chance to be a photographer, I would do that without thinking twice.

These are my top five bucket list and I am sure I will fulfill my dreams very soon. Life is very simple and we should not waste life by worrying and taking unnecessary tensions. We should cherish our life and respect ourselves. We can only live a happy life if we dream and have wishes which add worth to our lives.

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  1. Living is all about dreaming, achieving them is next to incarnation. All the best in pursuing them.

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