Saturday, 14 February 2015

My Valentine is Asus Zenfone

Valentine’s day is the day when we get a chance to show affection and love to to someone who is very closed to our heart. Now a days it is very hard to find someone with whom we can share our feelings and someone who will make us feel special.  Gone are those days when things were to be used and people were to be valued.  In the age of technology, People consider their phone, gadgets and laptops to be their best companion.

This valentine is very special as I have found someone (something) whom(which) I consider to be my best valentine. My Valentine for this year or for lifetime is Asus Zenfone. It might sound weird to most of the readers but I could not get someone who is better than Asus Zenfone.

Here are my top five reasons why my  Asus Zenfone  is the best Valentine?:

1.       The phone has wonderful size and colour: I fell in love with the Asus Zenfone, the moment I saw it. It’s amazing and sleek size and vibrant and wide variety of colours took my heart away.  I always wanted to date someone who look presentable and  Asus Zenfone is very eye catching. I can flaunt my phone in front of my friends and I am sure that they will get jealous of it.

2.        Asus Zenfone makes me feel special: A valentine should be someone who makes you feel special and good about you. My phone is my perfect valentine which makes me feel that I am the most beautiful girl in the world. The way it clicks my photos professionally makes my day.  I always wanted to date a photographer and Asus Zenfone has fulfilled my wish. It clicks my thousands of photos without getting tired and manages well to bring smile on my face.

3.       Asus Zenfone never says no to me: The phone is indeed my best valentine. It always fulfills my every demand and never gets tired of it. I can do whatever I want with the Asus Zenfone as it has got many features. One of the best things of Asus Zenfone is that it supports my passion for writing. I can write anything on phone. The phone helps me penning down my thoughts anywhere and anytime. It also gifts me many books to read.  It also has many features and applications which helps me to exhale in my field of writing. An ideal valentine would always support you in life.

4.       Asus Zenfone never leaves me: Now a days, people are afraid of commitments. They want to hang out with you and spend good times and when the time comes , they leave you without bothering about your feelings. Asus Zenfone always stays with me. It is handy and easily fits into my pocket and bag. It never leaves me alone and I always stays close to my heart.

5.       Asus Zenfone respects my family and friends: There are many few people who would give same love to your family and friends as you give, who would understand what your family and friends mean to you. Unfortunately most of the people are possessive and do not like when their partner spends time with his/her family and friends instead of them. Asus Zenfone is a sweetheart, it understands the importance of your closed ones. It’s long battery life makes me talk endless to my friends and family. It never gets disconnected and I do not have to keep the phone on charging after long conversations.

The phone is an ideal valentine for me as it fulfills my every demand and pampers me like a princess.

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