Thursday, 19 March 2015

Book review- The Amazing Racist

Blurb : 'This is a book written with crackling humour, but it’s just the garnish. The real deal is the nuggets of everyday Sri Lankan life that the author paints with a sensitive brush. A cracker of a read. It’s amazing that The Amazing Racist is a debut novel.’ Times of India Kolkata

'An utterly charming debut novel.' Tehelka Magazine.

'a fresh and promising new voice on the literary landscape.' New India Express

‘Outrageously funny and deeply moving. In this cracker of a debut novel, Tenduf-La writes on Sri Lanka from the intriguing perspective of the outsider inside.’ – Ashok Ferrey, author of The Professional

Blurb: Eddie Trusted, an English school teacher in Colombo, wants to spend his life with Menaka Rupasinghe, a vibrant Sri Lankan beauty, but as with all matters of the heart, there’s an obstacle. If Eddie wants to wed Menaka, it is Thilak Rupasinghe, her orthodox terror of a father, whom he must woo and whose farts he must kiss – Thilak wants his daughter to marry someone of the same race, religion and caste, and if possible from the same locality.
In a desperate bid to make his dream a reality, Eddie tries to connect with Thilak in other ways – eating curries that make him bleed spice and breathe fire, driving drunk through red lights, threatening co-workers with violence, and sleeping with snakes. But will Eddie ever be good enough for a man who hates the colour of his skin?
Sparkling with wit and featuring an endearing cast of characters, The Amazing Racist is the story of a man who finds a home among strangers, of a father-in-law whose bark is worse than his bite, and of bonds that grow to be stronger than family ties.
My review:
When I started the book, it seemed  like any other fiction novel with a normal love story but slowly it started building my interest.  The story revolves around a boy named Eddie who is a teacher in Colombo, He fell in love with a SriLankan Girl named Menka.  Menka’s father did not want Eddie to marry his daughter as he belonged  to the different race. The story features how Eddie tries to win the heart of his beloved father. Some of the incidents mentioned were really captivating  while some some of the pages were not that interesting.
The author has mentioned every character  and incident very minutely which is one of the positive things in the book. I loved how the bonding between son in law and father in law happened gradually.  The book hooks the reader till the end. Some of the incidents can make the readers emotional and it would surely touch every reader's heart,  while some of the incidents explained were very hilarious. In short, the book manages well to bring smile on the face of the reader. one of the best things  I liked about the book is that  it has provided a good insight about the culture of SriLanka. The author has well portrayed Srilankan culture. I especially loved the way when the author has described each and every incident and character so minutely .  The book is different from other fiction novels which are coming day to day. The narrating style of the author is remarkable and manages to grab the reader's attention till the end.  The book is highly recommended to every group of people .  The book is very well written and it can be enjoyed and read by anyone.
My rating for the book is 4/5

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