Thursday, 12 March 2015

De-stress Yourself

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What is Stress?
When we humans encounter certain situations and circumstances which are challenging and not favourable to us, it gives rises to stress . Stress is basically the human body’s reaction to these situations. This may also affects our nervous system or the health. Stress can be caused due to excessive work pressure, lack of sleep, tensions, over thinking and lack of peace of mind.
Stress Management
When a person expects something from his life and he does not get or his wishes do not come true, he may become stressed and this sometimes results in depression.  He loses all the hopes and does not have anything to look forward to. All kinds of negative thoughts hits his mind. At this point of time he really needs to learn about stress management. Stress management is basically a method to control worries and anxiety and look from the positive aspects.
Here are the five ways in which a person can de stress himself and lead a peaceful life:
1.    Proper sleep- Lack of sleep is the major cause of stress. If a person does not get sufficient sleep at night, it may result in anxiety. He may feel lethargic and sleepy all the day. This hampers his work and also affects him as well as people around him. A person should sleep at least for 8 hours to feel fresh and energetic.
2.    Don’t lose hope- Things are going to be  fine sooner or later. Time is the biggest healer. If a person  finds a little ray of hope, just grab it and don't let it go. We hould not forget that after darkness, comes light. one should has  confidence and faith in your life. May be the time is not right. Try to be positive and optimistic.
3.    Eat good food- one should always eat something delightful whenever he is depressed . When someone feels that things are out of your control then he must  forget everything and eat something which is good for his health as well as tastes good. If life is dull, add some spices to it. Eat whatever you want, if someone is  a fitness freak, then not to worry, one  can work out for few extra hours but don't kill your little desires and wants. Always remember to pamper yourself.
4.    Pour your heart out- The most painful thing in the world  is that when someone is left alone in his  difficult time and he  feel helpless. In this situations it is very necessary to talk to someone. It can be your best friend, girlfriend/ boy friend, parents, relatives, colleague etc. It is said that when you share your grievances and worries with someone, it gets lessen and your heart feels light but make sure the person is truly your well wisher and is wise enough to give you a correct advice. By sharing your problems and agonies with someone can also give you solution. Solitude is good sometimes but not always so try to have a secret keeper or your well wisher with whom you can be comfortable being yourself. If you have no one with whom you can share your secrets then pen down your thoughts in a diary. I have tried this method many times and it worked like a magic for me. Always remember no one understands you better than yourself. You are the hero of your life. Go and rock it.

5.    Pamper yourself - The best way to divert your mind from all the negatives is to get yourself busy . Do things which makes you happy. If you have any hobby, make it a passion. If you love to work, give your 100 percent at work. Fill your mind with all the thoughts which make you feel that-Life is good. Give meaning to your life, don't just sit and think about all the traumatic experiences you had or have been going through. Try to look at the positive side of the life. Read good books which helps you recoup your sadness. Listen to your favourite songs. Its a good therapy to cure depression. Click new pictures, Go out for shopping, Read, write, paint, cook and do whatever you want and if these things dont work out take a nap by thinking about the things which bring smile on your face.
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