Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dry baby, happy baby

 Motherhood is that phase of life which makes a woman complete. After all the labour pain and carrying the baby for nine months, the moment the baby is handed to the mother , she experiences an unique joy of completeness and contentment.  I experienced the same pleasure of motherhood. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks when my little angel was handed to me. My husband and I shared the same feeling when we saw our baby girl. That day, my husband and I promised our baby that as parents we would take care of her at every walk of life. We would never leave her alone and we made sure  to keep her away from agonies and negative things.  Since then, I take care of my baby. As a mother, I am her shield and I easily know about her likes and dislikes.

My baby is very close to me and we share some precious moments with each other. My tiredness and fatigue disappears in a minute when I see my baby smiling at me.  There are certain things which I regularly follow to make sure that my baby feels energetic and fresh.

Unlike most of the babies, my little girl loves taking bath in her pink bath tub. She looks forward to bathing with her toys. I love it when she plays with water and makes sweet noises while laughing. Her giggling makes my heart melt.  I always make sure to use natural products for my baby. My baby loves water and is always ready to take bath no matter how cold it is. I have never seen her crying inside the water.

Apart from bathing , playing with her favourite teddy bear makes my cute little child very gleeful. My baby would pamper her soft toy and tried to have conversation with it. Alls she needs her brown teddy bear and she forgets everything. Hence , I make sure to take her teddy everywhere we go so that in case she gets cranky, I could divert her attention with her favourite toy.

My baby loves meeting new people. She never hesitates to go to a person who is unknown to her. She smiles and gets easily gelled with them. She is a sweetheart and never troubles me of anything. She loves colours too and I have decorated her room with all sorts of colourful toys , pictures and furniture which keeps my baby always happy and active.

All these happy moments of my baby are possible because of the dry diaper. Diaper plays a very important factor when it comes to baby’s happiness. A baby  will never feel happy and active if it’s diaper is not good. Wet diaper spoils the happiness of the child. I always prefer Pampers baby dry pants which keep my baby fresh and dry and my baby is always active and can enjoy  and have fun with us. A dry diaper also helps my baby to sleep peacefully at nights and he would wake up feeling fresh and energetic. 

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