Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Feel Positive and Be Optimistic

It feels amazing to feel positive and be confident.  If a person’s mental status is positive and he is optimistic about life, he sees positivity in every phase of life. It is very important for everyone to be optimistic and feel fresh from inside. This can only be done if we have something to look forward to, if we have a passion to live with, if we love ourselves and people around us. A negative mind cannot let anyone to think freely.  In the hustle and bustle of life and with increase in responsibilities and competitions, there has been increase in the stress level. Sometimes people tend to lose hope and their confidence gets shattered but it is that phase of the life when we should not get de motivated and lose our aims.  We should not lose hope and never let the negative thoughts enter the mind and affect the peace.
I always try to maintain positivity in life. My life is not a fairy tale but I do believe in miracles and that is what keeps me going.  I have always believed that if a person really wants to be happy and stay positive , he will find happiness even at small things.  Sometimes I get saddened by the negative things around me but life also has many positive and good things and we should focus on the positive things and helps to turn negative things into positive rather than cribbing and worrying about them.

I have encountered many moments in life which have made me filled with optimism and kindled my hope:

I am a teacher and I often encounter students who do not work hard at the time of exams and disturbs other students by trying to copy answers from them.  Many times I have punished them but nothing helped.  One day I was invigilating the students, some of the students were trying to copy from others. I scolded them but that only helped for a very little time. When I was on the verge of giving up, I saw a girl was struggling hard to write her paper. Perhaps, she was not well prepared. Suddenly her friend discreetly tried to offer her answer sheet to that girl. The girl thought for a moment and refused to cheat. At that moment, I felt there is still the hope left for honesty. She could have easily copied but she chose to write answers on her own without any help. The other students who were copying stared at that girl in a surprised manner. After what the girl did, some of the students decided not to cheat and attempt the paper honestly. The incident made me feel that one positive and honest person has the power to change the world.

Since my childhood, I have dreamed of becoming a writer. Writing is my passion and always wanted to be the writer. There were times when I felt low as there were few people around me who did not support me in achieving my dream. They discouraged me and did everything to leave my passion but I had never let their negative thoughts and suggestions affect my dream. I kept moving on towards my goal and my dream came true. My story was published and was appreciated by everyone. The same people who once stopped me from fulfilling my dream now take suggestions and ideas from me and follow on my path. The day when I became an established writer,I found optimism. If you have the will and confidence in yourself,no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. You just have to trust your instincts.  

 I love writing and whenever I feel sad or dishearten, I pen down my wishes on a piece of paper which manages to bring smile on my face.  A beautiful dream, dancing in rain, meeting a friend after a long time, a long family vacation and many more moments fill my heart with optimism and positivity.

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  2. Truly can really express you thoughts very well...Best wishes for your future writings.

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