Monday, 23 March 2015

Invitation To Try Different Recipes

A few days back, I have been invited by Guptaji to visit his place. I met Guptaji at the shopping store. I went there to buy some morning snacks for me. As I am an engineering student and staying in a hostel . Living away from home can be quite tough sometimes, especially when the hostel food is not good.  I was tired of having same food again and again. The food available at my hostel is bland and they serve same vegetables and rice every day. Hence, I decided to buy some ingredients and other snacks which can be  made easily by me and also tastes different and nice at the same time. While selecting which morning snacks to buy for the breakfast, Guptaji , a middle aged man came and helped me in selecting a snack which is healthy as well as tasty. He suggested me to buy Kellogg’s corn flakes. Earlier I was quite apprehensive whether to go for it or not as having Kellogg’s corn flakes with milk everyday can be boring but Guptaji suggested that a good cook would never stop experimenting with food. He suggested so many unique recipes which were made from Kellogg’s corn flakes. I was still not convinced so he insisted me  to visit his place for the breakfast.
Next day , I visited Guptaji’s place. He has a wonderful family, a very sweet and talented wife with two cute children. They welcomed me although I was a complete stranger to them.  Guptaji asked his wife to serve the breakfast for us. I was quite hungry and curious as well, what could be prepared from just cornflakes? Guptaji’s wife went inside the kitchen to prepare the special breakfast. I could not wait more to try those new recipes.  By the time, Guptaji explained how those mouth-watering recipes have added flavour  to his life.
After a few minutes, Guptaji’s wife called us at the dining table. The moment I went inside the dining hall and had a look at the table, I was completely amazed. There were so many dishes and beverages lying on the table. His wife asked me to start with a dish named  ‘passing the parcel ‘. It was similar to apple custard made with kellogg’s cornflakes . The moment I tasted it, I felt that I was in cloud nine. I had never tasted such an amazing custard in my life. Next dish, his wife served it to me was a dish made of Chapatti and cornflakes. It was as yummy as the previous one. The dish I tried was apple cinnamon cornflakes. All the recipes were delicious and easy to made.  It would take less than ten minutes to prepare one dish.

I was quite surprised to know that Guptaji’s wife has recipes for all the occasions. She even gave me the other recipes which I can prepare easily at the hostel.  I would definitely visit Guptaji’s place again to have some mouth watering, lip smacking, delicious and healthy recipes made of Kellogg’s cornflakes which are severed with love and happiness.  


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