Sunday, 1 March 2015

Learning To Stand On Your Own

Every person in his or her life needs some support, guidance and help at some point of time.  No one is born as a successful person or an expert. He/she has to work hard, struggle or do something to achieve their goal.  However , at some phase of our life, times come when we get tired and lose hope. We sometimes lose confidence and faith in ourselves by constantly struggling and striving for success, here we need someone who would encourage and motivate us to stand up again and face the world more confidently and not let negative thoughts affect us. That person can be anyone.  In this situation, family plays an important role. They act as a shield and inspire you to work even harder than before.
In my life, my father plays a very important role. He has always supported me and inspired me to do well in my respective fields. He has helped me a lot to achieve where I am now. There are many incidents which I am going to share to let everyone know that how my father has guided and inspired me to grow into a better person.
In my school days, He has always encouraged me to perform well in studies. I remember , when I was in the seventh standard, I was attacked by viral. It was just a week left for my final exams and I was not in the condition to prepare for my exams.  There were no coaching classes available which would help me in my studies. I was totally new to it and my friends refused to help me when I needed them the most. I was dejected and shattered. I was crying in pain. It hurts when you expect something from others and they do not fulfil your wish. My teachers even suggested my parents to drop the examination. I was quite demoralized, I didn’t want to waste my time. As I had missed many classes, I was not aware of the syllabus. The time came when I broke down and my confidence got shattered then my father consoled me and helped me in my studies.  My father taught me never to be dependent on others. It will always give you disappointments  Its my battle and I had to fight it. He would explain all the lessons to me and he used to teach me so well. Slowly I started getting confidence and I appeared for the finals.  I started studying at home. I  would make notes from the internet and watched online videos relating to my subjects.  I studied very hard. My only objective was to secure highest percentage in my exam. Finally my examination day came, I was nervous and I attempted all the papers but somewhere I had confidence that I would secure well. I did whatever best I could do. It was all possible because of my father. My father  had taught me never to lose hope and always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  I did the same what my father had said to me and after a few months, it was my result day. I was worried about the results and when I saw my report card, tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. I secured 89%. My teacher congratulated me and I could not thank enough to my father.

My father always wanted me to be self reliant and independent person. At that time, he said that never doubt on your capabilities by listening to others. If had listen to my teacher’s advice of not taking the exam, I would have never known about my inner strengths.

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