Saturday, 14 March 2015

Looking Beyond Yourself

College days are the most memorable days of anyone’s life. These are the days when we encounter a new phase of life . In these days we want to explore new things, make good friends who sometimes  last for life time. 
After completing my school, I joined an institute. Initially I was a bit nervous as  throughout my life, I had stayed in a protective environment. My mother was a teacher in the same school in which I studied. Therefore, all my teachers pampered me and took extra care of me.  College life was completely new for me. I could see some students were bold enough to stay alone and do late night parties. The first day of my college was a setback for me. I expected a studious environment but the reality was completely different from my expectation. I had already started feeling lonely and isolated. I was known as the friendly person in school but in my college, I went into my shell.  The second thing which was bothering me was Ragging.  I was told by my school friends that ragging is very common in colleges and institutes which had made me paranoid.  I tried to hide myself from seniors. I used to sit alone in library with no one to talk to.
One day I was going to library to issue some books, a group of seniors surrounded me and started ragging. They started bullying me and being a fresher , I could not do anything to help myself . They wanted me to sing and dance in front of everyone. I started breaking into sweat. I did not know what to do, where to find help. Then I heard a voice from behind saying ,”stop it!”. I turned back and saw a girl proceeding towards us in anger. She looked senior to me but she also appeared different from the other students. She told those students in anger that she would take the matter to the principal if they do not stop harassing the new comers.  I finally breathed a sigh of relief. The other students went to their respective classes. I thanked the girl and asked her name. She told her name and introduced herself. She extended the hand of friendship and offered me to have lunch with her. That day was the day when our friendship started. The coming days were heavenly for me. The bond of our friendship grew stronger. I not only liked her because we shared the same frequency but I would learn a lot of things from her which made me optimistic.

I remember, my friend used to visit old age home every Sunday. One day she offered me to come with her. I decided to go with her as I never had been to  old age home.  I saw my friend bought a birthday cake and a gift for someone. When I asked her, she said that the birthday cake is for an old woman who had been staying there since 20 years. After her husband passed away, her son had left her to the old age home. I felt bad for the old lady. We reached the place  within half an hour. There I saw my friend celebrating the birthday of the old lady with lots of joy. This made a huge smile on the face of everyone. That day, my  friend taught me something very good. It is easy to do something for ourselves but it takes a lot of courage to do something from others and bring smile to their  face.  It was the most memorable day of my life which made me feel motivated and optimistic.  Now whenever , I feel sad, I go to the old age home and spend time with them which brings a huge smile on my face and makes me feel satisfied.  
Now my friend and I #together are planning to open an organization for the old and destitute people. The wonderful memories shared with my friend gave me strength to face the challenges of life and do something for others.

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