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Simple Things That Make Me Happy.

Happiness is a pure bliss from Almighty. It is the most positive feeling in the world. People who are happy from inside are much healthier and positive than people who constantly crib and think about the negative aspect of life. Happiness is contagious, happy people not only make their life colourful and charming but they spread happiness wherever they go.

Always make your happiness as deep as ocean and troubles and worries as light as its foam.  Happiness is equivalent proportional to the peace of mind.  One can achieve happiness or peace of mind when the person completely devotes his/her mind and soul to the path of freedom of thoughts and free oneself from the shackles of negativity, agony, hatred , jealousy and many other thoughts which are hurdles on the path of attaining joy. Mind plays an important role while achieving freedom and joy.

Happiness can not only be experienced when someone has attained something big but it can also be attained in small things. The simple things in life have a huge power to make a person happy .  There are certain things in life which are simple yet so powerful to make me smile. Whenever I feel dejected or negative thoughts try to capture my peace of mind, I always follow the following things that make me happy and positive:

·         Walking in the rain: Happiness is beginning of monsoon after a hot summer. I always wait for monsoon. The first rain of the season makes washes away all the worries and I breathe a sigh of relief. Happiness for me is walking in the rain. I would love talk long walks when it rains.  However the road should be clean. I have always dreamed of waling hand in hand with my beloved in the rain.

·         Chit-chatting with family over a cup of tea or coffee- One of the most joyous feeling and that time of life which I always look forward to is spending quality time with my family members and chatting with them for long hours.  The contentment of being close to your family is the most unique feeling and this is the time I always cherish.

·         Helping someone- It is easy to do things for yourself but it requires a very big heart and soul to do something for others.  I feel peaceful when I help someone. Inner peace can only be achieved when you do something for others selflessly and without any expectations.

·         Reading good books and watching a good movie – A good book and a well scripted movie has power to change the mindset of people. Whenever I get upset over something, I distract my mind and read a good book.  Good books take me to another world, a world of love, fantasies and miracles. Similarly, watching good movies open up my mind and I feel good from inside.

·         Good food- Good food always makes me jump up and forget all my worries. Whenever I get depressed,  I pamper myself and for me food is the best way to pamper a person’s body.

·         Achieving my dreams – Every person has some dreams and expectations from life. It hurts when someone’s dreams break. I also have many dreams, some are big and some are small.  There were times in my life when my dreams didn’t get fulfilled . I could not do anything but watch them   shattered in front me. It broke my heart but I didn’t give up. I worked hard and set new dreams. Some of the dreams did get fulfilled and some will get fulfil soon. When some of my dreams came true, I realized that one should not give up on his dreams. I didn’t give up and although it took some time but they came true.

·         Distance myself from Negative people  -  I believe that almost half of the problems and worries will be wiped off if we distance ourselves from negative people. Negative people are those who lack positive vibes, who constantly crib about life, who cannot see anyone happy. They have an evil power to fill a positive person’s mind with negativity and bring that person down to their level. There were some people in my life who possessed all the qualities of a negative person, I recognized them well and made a wall between me and them. I gradually made a distance and now they are no longer in my life to affect my positive thinking. The time when I took this decision to not to allow them to affect my peace, I felt happiness from inside.

·         There are many other things which make me happy like shopping, looking good , Listening to good music, playing guitar, travelling, clicking pictures, cuddling a dog and the list is endless.

I have experienced some of the happiest moments of life and some are yet to be achieved. I am looking forward to celebrating life at each step and attracting positive energy from everywhere.

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