Friday, 13 March 2015

Singapore Food- Every Foodie's Delight

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Singapore. a modern city state and an Island country in South East Asia. The country is one of the famous tourist destinations. The tourists get attracted to the natural beauty, climate, monasteries, waterfronts and not to forget the lip smacking cuisines. When it comes to food, the people of Singapore are great cooks.The diversity of cultures in Singapore has left a deep impact on the culinary taste.
Singapore Food Festival is known worldwide. One can embark the  on Delicious and mouth-watering journey to discover the culture of Asian cuisine at the Singapore Food Festival which is held every year throughout July.  The festival is organised all over the country and it celebrates Singapore’s culinary heritage which is born of its diverse ethnic population. It consists of  themed events, cooking workshops and competitions and many other culinary surprises being dished up, giving cosmopolitan Singapore its international reputation as Southeast Asia's number one food capital.

Out of all the famous delicacies, one of my favourite Singaporean cuisine is Prata. Prata is called as Roti Prata. It is just like Indian Pancake made of flour over a flat grill. It is normally served with meat or vegetable curry.  The ingredients used for preparing  Prata are  cheese, red bean, onion, banana, chocolate, mushroom or egg. That depends on the preference and taste of an individual. 

Prata is prepared by flipping the dough into a large thin layer just like Indian Chapatis or French Crepes, before folding the outside edges inwards. The dough is heated on a flat round iron pan measuring around three feet in diameter. one can add other ingredients such as cooked mutton, chicken, onion and egg, Adding cheese and salads increases the taste of Prata. It just takes about 10 minutes to cook Prata.  Prata in Singapore  is commonly served with a fish- or chicken-based curry. Many people also eat it with mutton curry. Most of them especially kids like prata  with sugar or honey.

Prata has another name known as Roti Cane which is very common in Singapore , Malaysia and Indonesia.  It is mainly influenced from the Indian chapatis known as Roti. It is also known as flying bread in Chinese.
 Prata is one of my favourite dishes. i always prefer this dish when planning a party or a family get together. It is the most easiest recipes and people love it when I prepare prata. I love experimenting with this dish.  Sweet or salty, it tastes good either ways. 

My version of Prata. I have tried Prata with lots of chocolate, custards and crushed biscuits. i have kept the dough open and sprinkled all the ingredients on the top of it. 

It took me 10 minutes to fry the Prata and 2 minutes to arrange all the ingredients. You can use this recipe for evening snacks as well as  dessert.
All You have to do is to heat a pan, make prata dough, flip the dough into a large thin layer. Heat the custard. Now pour the custard on the top of the Prata. Sprinkle some crushed chocolates, biscuits and raisins and voila, the Prata is ready. 
Serve it hot or cold, It tastes good either ways.

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