Monday, 9 March 2015

Start A New Life

Every girl dreams of her wedding since childhood, I was no exception. I have always dreamed of having a life partner who would always be with me at every walk of life, with whom I could share anything and with whom I share a great bond of friendship.  I was truly inspired by the movies and couples around me.  I was looking forward to my marriage.  Till that time my prince charming would come and would take me to the world of love but as we say life is not a fairy tale. Years passed and I attained the marriageable age. My parents started looking for suitable match for me. At that time I had finished my studies and was searching for a job. Although, I am a family oriented person but I make sure that I am independent enough and always wanted to earn and share the responsibilities of my husband, why would my husband only earn when I am also equally educated.  After a few months , my parents searched a family for me. The family looked well to do and the boy named Rajat . He seemed to be decent. Both the families were happy with each other.  Days passed on I used to talk to Rajat every day. We were quite happy with each other. One month had passed and my parents felt that we should tie the knot by then. My father called Rajat’s parents and they fixed a meeting. I could not go as I had an interview in an MNC. It was the company in which I always wanted to work. The package was good and it was my dream job to be a researcher in a leading organization. When I came out of the company, Rajat called me. He was in an aggravated mood. He screamed at me for not attending the family meeting. I was flabbergasted and did not understand the reason behind his aggression. It was the first time he insulted me. At that time, I held my emotions back and decided to let go. I thought maybe it was my fault that I didn’t tell Rajat about the interview.  Our parents decided to get us engaged in two weeks. I was on the top of the world and looking forward to this engagement. In the coming days, I could see Rajat’s indifferent behaviour. I tried to ask him what exactly is the matter but he would shout at me . Personally i did not like his behaviour and I had discussed the problem with parents but they were bit worried and asked me to adjust. My mother said every girl had to compromise little bit after marriage. I could not see my parents tense. After a week, I received a call from that MNC that I had been selected for the job. That was the happiest moment for me. I shared the news with everyone. My family was happy to see me happy. I called Rajat to give the news. He did not react much and asked me to meet me in the evening. In the evening I saw him sitting with a glass of beer. I was quite shocked to see that as his parents told me that their son had never touched alcohol. I went to him and was about to ask about that. Rajat stood up shouted at me in front of everyone. He even tried to raise his hand on me. He wanted me to  be a housewife and told me that if I would work , he would not marry me. I stood their like a lifeless soul.  I did not know what to do. I never expected this from Rajat, my would be. I cried whole night and didn’t share the incident with my parents.  After two weeks, it was my engagement day. I was not at all happy with the engagement. After getting ready I went to my parent’s room, There I could hear my father requesting someone for time. I came to know that Rajat’s parents had demanded a huge cash from us.  It killed me inside that if I did not take an action at that time, I would have to suffer the whole life. After few hours, I saw Rajat was sitting there and his parents and other relatives were making fun of the arrangements. I went straight away to Rajat and told him that I did not want to get married to a person like him and I would rather stay single and happy than being a member of a family who is mean and conceited. My parents tried to stop me because of the embarrassment but I explained to them that if I get married to a person like Rajat, I would be tortured for the rest of my life and no one would come to help me. For me , My family matters the most and I don’t care about anyone. Rajat tried to raise his hand again on me but instead I slapped him tight on his face and threatened him to report about the dowry they were demanded to police. He was shocked and felt embarrassed and finally after a long time I felt relaxed and happy. Now  I am working and I have been married to a person who is very supportive and has all the qualities of a good husband which every girl wants. I still wonder if I had not taken that bold step , I would have been a slave to Rajat and his family.  Never hesitate to  #StartANewLife.

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  1. Proud of you for talking such a bold step. I know a lot of people who keep their mouth shut and then suffer later on.


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