Friday, 3 April 2015

A Bright Future

I still remember the day when I received my first salary.  The happiness of the first job and that feeling of getting salary for the first time cannot be explained in words. I was on cloud nine. I decided to buy gifts for my family and friend with my first salary. My parents and friends were equally happy and proud.  Since it was my first salary, I decided to spend half of it and save rest of it. Next day, I went for shopping with my family. After choosing gifts for my parents and other family members and friends, we decided to sit at a nearby restaurant. We were tired by wandering from one store to another. We entered into an restaurant and occupied a seat near window. I placed an order for three cold coffees and sandwiches. After few minutes, the food arrived. We were quite hungry as well. As i was about to take a first bite of my sandwich, I could feel someone was staring at me from the window. The moment I looked at the window, there was nobody. Without giving much attention, I started munching my sandwiches. After a moment, I could again feel that someone was staring at me from the window. This time I acted smart and decided to find out who was it. I slowly came out of the restaurant and hid behind the pillar. As I looked for that person, I saw a little girl was searching for me through that window. I came from behind and encountered that girl. She was a girl of aged around seven, wearing a faded frock. She had a shabby hair and looked extremely thin and frail. I asked that girl that why she was staring at me. What she told brought tears to my eyes.  The girl replied that she didn’t had food for two days. She always stares from that window of the restaurant in case someone shares his/her food with that girl. I could not control my emotions and i could feel a tiny tear drop rolled down my cheeks.
I took that girl inside the restaurant and bought sandwiches and a glass of cold coffee for her. The smile which she had on her face was unexplainable. I tried to had conversation with her. She was a rag picker, she didn’t had any family.  She wanders from one store to another to collect money for her food. I decided to pay the rest of my salary on that girl. I bought her new clothes and shoes. But then I thought, I could give her better life. I decided to take her home with me and now I have admitted her in a school. The moment she heard about going to school, she jumped up with joy. She hugged me tight.

Now she still goes to school and doing pretty well in her studies. This is the best gift I could give to anyone. A better life and a bright future!

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