Monday, 13 April 2015

Book Review- Casket of stories


Book- Casket of stories
Author- Neelam Saxena Chandra 
Pages:144 pages

Blurb- Everyone lives. But life becomes a pleasant journey if you come across something that is called love. 
Love is not only about romance. It is something more than that. The feeling of love and affection can arise from your child, from your parents, from your colleagues and from your friends. 
Only if life were easy! Life is the most complicated thing one ever comes across. Life is all about relationships, which never follow a mathematical or geometrical pattern. Sometimes, the one who you felt loved you, turns out to be a traitor. And love may come from the most unexpected corner. It is these twists and turns that make the twenty-one stories in this book.

My Review
Neelam Saxena Chandra belongs to that genre of writers who are the flag bearers of Women's liberation. Her stories while being captivating convey strong messages which echoes in the reader's mind long after finishing the story.
There are two kinds of women in the world, the one who suffers silently the torments of others and blames her destiny for her situation, the second who is not prepared to live with her dismal situation and takes things in her hand to come out as a winner. Her stories mostly portray the second category of woman and motivates every woman to fight for her rights.

All the stories are a celebration of womanhood and asks women to be proud of their gender. The writing style is lucid and the characters appear to be from real life situations who we see everyday around us. The author has finely etched the characters which increases the reader's curiosity and interest.Some of the stories like The Transformation, The Storm and Determination and Destiny are absolutely unforgettable and touches an emotional chord in the reader's heart. The stories like The Premonition also highlight the dynamics of changing relationships. The stories have been woven by brilliant jugglery of words which keeps the readers absorbed. The writing skill and narrating style of the author captivates the reader's heart till the end. While some of the stories were light read, some of them were thought provoking! The author has greatly crafted the emotions of each character in the book. Many of the stories portrayed the fact that every individual has to struggle and work for a better future.

The stories are very well composed and each story has its uniqueness which will engage the readers till the very end. The collection of the stories in this book is wonderful. The narrating style is simple and engaging which can be enjoyed by readers of all age groups. I am sure the readers will have an amazing experience after reading Casket of stories. The book is a must read for every sensitive heart. One can learn a lot from these stories!

Stories like The Premonition, Images and Time are one of my favorites.The last story Determination and Destiny is very soulful and a perfect story to end the book with. The book has managed to keep me engrossed till the end and I highly recommend this book to everyone. 
It's a superb work by Neelam Saxena Chandra and my rating is 4/5
You can get the book online at Amazon and infibeam


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