Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dil Ka Deal

It was a sunny winter morning and was a perfect day to go for a long drive so I decided to go out for some shopping. I loved spending money on clothes and fashion accessories. Shopping always excites me.  Being an only child, my parents i was kept from the hardships of life.  I believed in living in each moment. So I grabbed my car keys, put on my favourite music and zoomed towards my  favourite shopping haunt.
I was loving the long drive . The traffic was sparse and the Sun was bright. I could see hardly anyone on the road. The yellow plants across the field were swaying with the wind. My car zoomed towards the destination while I sang the song which I played inside the car. Suddenly I noticed someone in my rear view mirror,   I stopped the car with a slight jerk and looked back, A middle aged lady waved  her hand and asked for a lift. I noticed her  hands, Her hands were the most beautiful hands I ever saw. The lady was wearing a fiery hot crimson red colour nail polish which made her fingers looked  more beautiful. I don’t know but something was very attractive about that colour  and I could not resist it. Without giving a second thought I decided to give the lady  a lift. There was something special about the lady which made me inquisitive. I wanted to know her  more. I decided to switch off the music  and started talking with her. The conversation started with the appreciation of the lady’s nail polish. “I love the colour of your nail polish. I am a big time shopaholic and I love looking good but I have never found a colour like this. You have an awesome choice in fashion. Are you a model?” The lady smiled and said “don’t go by my appearance. I hardly know anything about fashion. I run a home that provides accommodation to the destitute young girls and this nail polish has been gifted to me by one of those girls on my birthday. These girls  work day and night to earn some amount for their day to day living. They saved some amount to celebrate my birthday. I am a widower and I lost interest in fashion ever since I lost my better half. I have put this colour just to see a smile on their face.”

Finally we reached the destination . “well ! this is where I live with the girls. Thank you so much for the lift. Do you want to come in for a cup of coffee?” the lady asked me. I could not stop myself and decided to visit the place. I had never ever seen such a place. That one visit was enough to change my entire outlook. I was amazed to see the young girls living their life blissfully. They didn't had  any branded clothes or expensive gadgets but they were content without them. All they wanted was love, care and affection which money could not buy. My eyes filled with tears and I decided to donate some amount from my salary which I had decided to spend on shopping. I had never experienced the happiness of charity and doing something for others.  It was a much better experience than buying branded clothes and eating in expensive restaurants. That moment changed my entire outlook.
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