Saturday, 25 April 2015

Spread your wings and fly high.

I always believe in doing small things with great love. Life is really short and problems are inevitable.  Its a blessing from the Almighty if we get some moments of happiness. We should welcome these short but happy moments with open arms. These happiness works like magic just like a sunshine after dark. Celebrating the happiness and enjoying the moments give us positivity and motivation to do things. We feel stronger to face the challenges of life.
I always believe in enjoying the small things in life rather than celebrating the small things in the biggest way. One doesn't need to enjoy the moment by celebrating in a big way. Sometimes small gestures and things bring more happiness and pleasure in life.
One such word which comes to my mind when we talk about celebration is wedding.
I am highly against the big fat wedding. Getting married is the most beautiful and pious thing on the earth. It is the most important day in everyone’s life. Whether people accept or not, everyone needs someone at some point of time and getting married bind those two souls forever. It is a heavenly feeling. With the change in time, the taste and preference of people have also changed.  Now marriage is no less than trading. People get married to please the society.  Marriage for most of the people has become a medium to show how wealthy they are.  It is quite painful to see the wastage of food and money spent on temporary decoration. Thousands of people get invited for the wedding and most of them are not least interested in the ceremony. All they are worried about food and showing off their expensive dresses and jewelries.  
Marriage is a very pious thing for me rather than showing off. I would not prefer spending huge amounts on decoration and food. People who are real well wishers should be invited at the wedding, rest just attend the party as a formality or for food.
I believe that one should enjoy his/her present situation.  One does not need any big occasion to celebrate. Sometimes small things bring great happiness. Some of the things which bring smile on my face are :
A long holiday with my family
Cuddling a dog
Getting salary
Writing a book
Helping needy people

There are many more common and small things in life which really make me happy. I don’t need any  occasion to celebrate but I enjoy these moments and make my life worth living. Life is short so don't waste any moment by worrying or cribbing. Spread your wings and fly high.

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