Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Funny Indian Ads!

The humour plays a great role in branding. Some advertisements are only made to make people laugh. The quirky and funny ads definitely attract bigger audience. It requires a very huge effort to make people laugh. A lot of creativity and hard work is required to make the advertisements look appealing as well as humorous. 

Humour is social by nature; people are instinctively inclined to spread funny things, even if it’s an ad. A humorous brand is a confident brand and it would definitely gain the viewer’s attention.
With the change in taste and preference of people, our choices of ads are also changing. Gone are the days when the ad makers would come up with emotional stories like the girl in the Cadbury Dairy Milk's  ad would dance while enjoying the chocolate or the classic ad of Amul which became the voice of the Nation. A little boy running away from home goes back just at the thought of his mother's 'garma garam jalebi'. The child-like innocence is hard to reconstruct again now a days. How can we forget the old commercial of Bajaj which had touched the emotional chords of our hearts?
Now commercials for  a hair removal cream where Shradha Kapoor trying to rap or the loud character of the model in the Fairness  cream ad is gaining popularity. Whenever I watch television with family, I prefer to mute the TV at the time, who wants to burst his eardrums by listening to those tacky ads.
Sometimes I just think what if there is a mismatch between celebrities and the products that they endorse. Just imagine Anil Kapoor promoting Hair Removal  Brand and performing the same Rap song which Shradha Kapoor did. I am sure the audience would get doubled. If that brand is able to remove his long and smooth body hair, every girl would definitely prefer the hair removal cream over waxing.
I always wonder if celebrities like Paresh Rawal had promoted the baby products like diapers, how they would have looked.
Some of the stupidest Indian ads according to me which absolutely miss the points are:
The famous infuriating ads of a chocolate brand, where the girls keep licking the chocolates look pathetic. I mean don’t they have anything like teeth. Why can’t they eat chocolate without licking fingers? It doesn’t look appealing at all.
Every car ads shows that they are at the top position and ranked as number 1 car so what they expect from people to go and buy all the cars!
You will impress the CEOs of this world if you apply skin whitening cream. Come on! There is something known as Qualification. God!

Girls become extra strong and want to achieve everything when they are on periods. Really?

Drinking alcohols and having pan masalas can make you achieve everything. One can buy cars, buildings, palaces and even countries by consuming them.

And finally one of the most important things which Indian ads have taught us is to always remember to close our door while brushing our teeth. Because curious TV reporters & their camera crews love storming into people's bathrooms at any given time.


By the way I haven’t seen a dentist with a stethoscope. Did you?

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  1. Very interesting take on Indian ads, Sonali! I remember writing a piece like this decades ago! Like you said, we have an interesting blend of good ads and lousy ones! Carry on with the great writing! Kudos!

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