Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A New League by Kapil Dev

Cricket has always been one of the major sports in India. The sport has a very deep history.  It is an established fact that this sport is no less than any other Indian festival.  Cricket is one of the sports which unite the people of India. The cricket has been introduced by the Britishers. The origins of this popular sport  lie somewhere in the Dark Ages - probably after the Roman Empire, almost certainly before the Normans invaded England  and almost certainly somewhere in Northern Europe.  Cricket is not only popular in cities or big towns but its impact can also be seen in rural areas. In fact most of the famous cricketers come from rural areas.
Cricket has always been welcomed by the citizens of India.  No matter whether it is a world cup match or a test series, one can see the enthusiasm amongst the Indians. A large number of Indians take leave from their work or cancel any other plan so that they do not miss the match.
When our Country wins, they come together and celebrate the victory of the Nation and if our Country loses the match, they cry together. The sport has managed to create a strong bond amongst the citizens of the Country.
Many aspiring players follow the cricketers and walk on their path in the hope of playing for the Country. A large number of cricketers are admired by people. They reside in the heart of billions of Indians.   One  such  great cricketer  who has set a benchmark for other cricketers is  Shri Kapil Dev.  He is the former Indian cricketer.  He captained the Indian team in the year 1983 when our Country has won the World cup. He  was a right-arm pace bowler noted for his graceful  and mind blowing action and potent out swinger, and was India's main strike bowler for most of his career and his fastest ball being 155 kmph. He has also developed a fine in swinging yorker during the 1980s, which he used very effectively against tail-enders. As a batsman, he was a natural striker of the ball who could hook and drive effectively. Although Kapil Dev took retirement in   1994 he has still continued to be closely associated with the game of cricket till today.
Recently he has also declared a New League which is the biggest surprise in the land of sports. He has come up with a new format and new methods.  In his league, he has stressed on playing the game with mind and not only with heart.  When he goes on to say that if the opponents play with their heart they are bound to lose. This could   convey the fact that the only way of defeating the opponent in the league to be introduced by Kapil Dev  would be to use the head more than the heart.

His league can comprise of Indians or it can have players from all over the world.   It is difficult to comment at this point of time the exact format and concept of his league but through his videos, one can definitely make out that his league will be unique and would give great lessons to the aspiring sportsperson
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